Michaele aand Tareq Salahi Settle Divorce and $50 Million Lawsuit

17 Aug


It looks like Tareq and Michaele Salahi’s divorce has been settled, along with Tareq’s $50 million lawsuit against the band Journey and its guitarist Neal Schon.

ET has learned that Tareq’s $50 million personal injury lawsuit against Journey, Schon and his entertainment company Nomota, in addition to his divorce case against Michaele, were settled out of court with the signing of a confidential agreement to be sealed by the court.

In September of 2011, Tareq filed for divorce from his The Real Housewives of DC spouse Michaele citing both “abandonment of the marriage” and “adultery” as reasons. Michaele left her husband to be with the Journey rocker, and Tareq had reported her missing on September 13, 2011. Later, the FBI reported that Michaele had been found with Schon in Memphis, TN. Michaele and Schon have been now dating for over a year.

Michaele Salahi tells ET, “I am happier than ever with the man I love, Neal. Ecstatic that it is all behind us and I am enjoying life to the fullest!”

Tareq’s lawsuit will continue, however, solely against the Hollywood talent agency DD Entertainment. In a hearing scheduled for August 20, Tareq says that his attorney “will argue that Defendant DD Entertainment, whose founder actively promotes herself as the agent for ‘Mistresses of Hollywood’ who cheat on celebrity spouses, knowingly and willfully failed to pay his client money from celebrity appearances, photos and news stories. He will also contend that DD Entertainment tortuously interfered with his entertainment business resulting in significant lost income from projects like Dancing with the Stars Australia, Cheaterville and other endorsements and television shows.”

Tareq Salahi says in a statement, “I am thrilled with the resolution of this case and to close this chapter in my life and now move forward in a positive manner. I always maintained that my claims were valid and eventually they would be recognized as such. I wish Michaele the best. At this point, we focus our attention on monies earned and paid to our Hollywood Agent, DD Entertainment and we want to recoup what is owed to me based on stories, pictures, appearances and shows sold over several years.

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