Camille Grammer Admits She Doesn’t Keep In Touch with Taylor Armstrong

18 Mar

Bravo fans were excited to see The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran Camille Grammer return to the show last year for Season 8. Of course, the Camille today bears little resemblance to the Camille of Season 1. The RHOBH mom, who divorced then-husband Kelsey Grammer in 2011, is raising her two children, daughter Mason, 16, and son Jude, 13, survived stage II uterine cancer and squamous cell carcinomagot engaged to lawyer David C. Meyer in October 2017, and recently returned to the fashion world, walking in the Malan Breton show during New York Fashion Week. “I’m a different person now, because I had a lot of heartbreak, and I was anxious then and nervous and sad and I had all these different emotions, and confused,” she told The Daily Dish podcast when looking back at her Season 1 debut. “I had to grow a lot … That’s why this year, I feel I can be a little bit more [sassy] and not feel exactly Season 1 but you can see glimpses of Season 1 Camille.” 

She remembers coming back after Season 1 as “very difficult. I was going through a divorce and to play that out publicly was extremely hard. I was trying to hide the fact that my marriage was in trouble when I was filming. I didn’t know what was transpiring but I knew something was wrong. And then further along in the season, as we were filming, I had found out that Kelsey was out of the marriage basically, and trying to hold it together, and finish out the season, it was really, really difficult.” 

Speaking of Season 1, Camille explained she feels “that O.G. bond” with fellow original Housewife Adrienne Maloof, who ultimately left after Season 3 (Camille left after Season 2, in 2012). “We went through a lot those first two or three seasons together … Divorces, there were a lot of highs and lows, so with that, you get closer with the people that you’re with.” Camille pointed out that she and Adrienne have both faced similar relationship struggles since that first season. “Adrienne and I were talking about that, how we both went through divorces together, one after another,” Camille explained. “How bizarre, because both of our husbands wanted us to be on the show, and we didn’t realize that we were going through a divorce on the show.”

But there is one veteran ‘Wife Camille doesn’t keep in touch with. “I’ve lost contact with Taylor [Armstrong],” she admitted. “The last time I talked with her was about a year and half, two years ago.” Taylor left RHOBH after Season 3 in 2013 and has since gotten remarried to John Bluher. She also indicated she wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility of returning to the show in the future.

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Rumors Fly On Taylor Armstrong Possibly Joining ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Upon Move Next Door To Vicki Gunvalson

3 Dec

Vicki Gunvalson has just been joined by Taylor Armstrong in her Southern California neighborhood.

During a recent podcast interview with Heather McDonald, Vicki Gunvalson’s Real Housewives of Orange County co-star and friend, Kelly Dodd, revealed that Armstrong and her husband, John Bluher, recently moved to Gunvalson’s Coto neighborhood and applauded Bluher as the “nicest guy.”

So, could Taylor Armstrong, formerly of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, be headed for a role on the upcoming season of the Orange County-based Real Housewives franchise?

“F**k no,” Kelly Dodd told a curious fan, according to a report by All About the Real Housewives on November 28.

Taylor Armstrong appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for three years in a full-time role before leaving Los Angeles and heading to Colorado, where she lived for a number of years before returning to Southern California a short time ago. Since returning to the area, Armstrong has been frequently seen with her former co-stars and the stars of The Real Housewives of Orange County. That said, she doesn’t appear to be returning to her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or embarking on a new role with Kelly Dodd and her Orange County co-stars.

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Taylor Armstrong Talks Returning to RHOBH, Teaching Her Daughter About Domestic Abuse

6 Oct

Is Taylor Armstrong ready to stage a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comeback?

She might just be – Armstrong, who recently moved back to Los Angeles from Colorado, is teasing a potential return to the Bravo show.

“I’m around. Let’s just say that,” Armstrong, 44, told PEOPLE of RHOBH’s next season at the Rape Foundation Annual Brunch in Los Angeles on Sunday.

At the event, Armstrong spoke of her personal experience with domestic violence: She has said her late, estranged husband Russell, who committed suicide in 2011, verbally and physically abused her. Armstrong says she doesn’t want to “terrify” her 9-year-old daughter Kennedy but still educates her about assault. 

“Because she was a child of domestic abuse, it’s very common. I had domestic abuse in my household as a child, as did my abuser, and that’s very typical that you would either become an abuser or a victim,” Armstrong explained. “And so therefore, what we try to do is just instill an incredible amount of self-esteem in her, so that when someone tries to violate her in any way, she knows how to stand up for herself and can do everything she can to protect herself.”

“I mean, clearly, there are violent rapists. That’s a whole different situation,” she continued. “But if you’re in a relationship where someone is taking advantage of you sexually, and young people who get into relationships at an early age, they end up doing things sexually that perhaps they’re not ready for, we want her self-esteem to be so high, and her self-confidence, that she can say no. And that she can keep someone from taking advantage of her in that way.”

As for RHOBH, Armstrong said she had actually just come from an event with the rest of the ladies: “It’s been a big day already. We were just at the Stop Yulin Forever event at MacArthur Park for Lisa Vanderpump and all the Housewives were there, and [Vanderpump’s husband] Ken Todd.”

“They’re my friends, so I’m just around naturally,” Armstrong said of hanging out with the group. “Whenever I’m in town, I hang with them anyway. So cameras up, cameras down, one way or another.”  

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Taylor Armstrong Implies That Yolanda Foster Faked Lyme Disease

22 Sep

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster is BACK. The Bravo star has been fighting a grueling battle with Lyme Disease for three years, but over the summer she seems to have made a rapid recovery. But, the nature of her recovery is raising a few eyebrows, including her costars. No one is accusing Yolanda Foster of faking the disease, it is very serious and very real – however her symptoms and magical cure aren’t really fitting a typical case of Lyme Disease.
This week’s edition of Star Magazine reveals “Yolanda says her Lyme disease was so bad that she couldn’t read, write, or watch television – symptoms not normally associated with the disease. Then, when it looked like she might never recover, she suddenly sprang back to health in August – supposedly after having silicone from a 20 year ruptured breast implant removed from her chest.”
Yolanda took to Twitter after the silicone was removed and informed her followers that her doctor “hit the jackpot” by finding the silicone and removing it – and her health was on the mend. We’re not doctors, but last time we checked ruptured silicone implants don’t make it impossible for you to watch television either.
According to Star Magazine’s inside sources, Yolanda’s RHOBH co-star Taylor Armstrong is just as baffled by Yolanda’s health as the rest of us – and the two women reportedly got in a bit of an argument over it. The source dished that Yolanda took offense because she has documented her battle with Lyme disease over the years, and none of the other housewives on hand bothered to defend Taylor’s accusations that she might be faking the disease. It looks like this is going to be another dramatic season of the Bravo reality TV show!

Taylor Armstrong Seen Filming with Lisa Vanderpump: Officially Back on ‘RHOBH’?

22 Jul

It’s official! Taylor Armstrong is returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! has learned that two years after leaving the show and moving to Colorado, she’s returned to 90210 and is back to filming with the Beverly Hills ladies.

Armstrong told Radar in May she was considering returning to the show, and now, a source confirmed to Radar, “Taylor has signed a contract and will be featured on RHOBH this upcoming season.”

“She will be moving back to Beverly Hills with her husband, John, and her daughter, Kennedy. John was reluctant to move to California, but he knew it meant a lot to Taylor, so he agreed.”

Over the weekend, Armstrong filmed with the ladies at Lisa Vanderpump‘s house to celebrate her husband, Ken Todd‘s birthday.

On Monday, Armstrong wished Todd a happy birthday on Twitter.


“Happy Happy Birthday @KenToddBH!! Wishing you another beautiful year ahead. Enjoy every moment. xoxo,” the blond beauty said.

Hinting at wife Taylor’s comeback to the show, her husband also added on social media on Sunday, “Brunch w my love @TaylorArmstrong – love being back in Beverly Hills .”

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Report Says Taylor Armstrong to Return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

8 Jul

Taylor Armstrong has been seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since she starred as an official housewife during Seasons 1, 2, and 3, and now, according to a new report, fans will start seeing much more of the reality star on the Bravo show.

On July 6, Real Mr. Housewife announced Taylor Armstrong would return to the show in a full-time role for the upcoming sixth season.

“Taylor is back. She will return as a full time cast member! It makes sense for her to return at this point in time. She is still good friends with Kyle and is in a great place in her life.”

After Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong took a step back from the show, choosing to instead focus on her daughter, Kennedy, and now-husband John Bluher. As fans will recall, Taylor Armstrong’s first husband, Russell Armstrong, hanged himself during Season 3, creating quite the emotional ordeal for Armstrong, who was left to raise her daughter alone. Shortly after, however, Armstrong met and married Bluher, and the pair began living in Colorado.

While Taylor Armstrong has gone through quite a lot in recent years, both good and bad, Real Mr. Housewife‘s source claimed she’s ready to return to Los Angeles — and to her co-stars, which include Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, and Kyle Richards.

“Fans will definitely see a new Taylor. When she was last on Housewives, it was a hard time for her. She is the happiest she’s ever been and this will be a great return for her.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor Armstrong’s co-star, Lisa Vanderpump, recently named her as a possible candidate for a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills return. Speaking to Perez Hilton at the end of last month, Vanderpump said she wouldn’t mind seeing Armstrong, as well as Camille Grammer, return to the show.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with all of the girls… But I’ve really enjoyed Camille. Taylor went through a very hard time, so it’s nice to see her have some happiness now and be truly in love. And that’s how it should be, have a great time and move on; everything comes to an end at some point.”

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Taylor Armstrong Reveals the Heartbreaking Reasons She Got Plastic Surgery

22 May

Before Lisa Rinna brought her signature plump pout to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong‘s outsize lips were what everybody was talking about.

Now, in an exclusive Oprah: Where Are They Now? clip, the former RHOBH star goes into the deeply sad reasons she altered her face and body through plastic surgery.

“I spent the early part of my life trying to become someone that I wasn’t,” she says, “and I think a lot of it has to do with the shame and the guilt and all of the things I was carrying from my past.”

During her time on RHOBH, native Oklahoman Armstrong was an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, openly discussing her experiences with abuse both before and during the series.

In order to mask the pain, “I got new lips and new breasts and changed my hair, changed my name,” continues Armstrong, 43. “It was anything I could do to try to become someone else.” 

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Camille Grammer Says ‘My Cancer Is in Remission and I’m Doing Really Well’

21 Mar

One year and counting. That’s Camille Grammer‘s mentality now that she’s one year in remission after undergoing surgery for endometrial cancer at the end of 2013.

“I’m doing really well,” she told PEOPLE on Friday while attending a charity event in Las Vegas for One Drop, an organization committed to providing worldwide access to clean water.

Now that she’s in remission and no longer a primary member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Grammer’s passion is focused on her job as the National Chair of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer.

Flanked by good friends Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky in Las Vegas, Grammer, 46, spoke candidly about her battle with cancer, saying that she’s glad she quit the Bravo reality show before her fight really began. 

“I don’t think I could have filmed going through that,” she said. “There’s just no way.”

It would be easy to get angry about her battle with the disease, but Grammar isn’t going that route. She’s trying to use it as a positive.

“God does things for a reason,” she said. “It’s very difficult to live anything so private like that in public but if I can use it as a platform to raise awareness … There are so many things bigger than ourselves out there. If I can use this to support anybody and to save lives in any way, oh my God, that’s bigger than all of us. I feel blessed.”

Grammer said she’s in “a good place now” and doesn’t miss being a regular cast member on The Real Housewives anymore.

“I love not being in the middle of the drama,” she said, although she does make cameos from time to time. “It’s nice to still be a part of the show to support Kyle. I really care about these girls and I miss them.”

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Taylor Armstrong Says She’s Healed From Ex-Husband Russell’s Suicide: ‘I Feel At Peace’

9 Mar

It’s been almost four years since Taylor Armstrong’s ex-husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is finally putting distance between her past life and her new, happy one. The reality blonde opened up to about how she’s moving on in an intimate and revealing new interview.

“I feel at peace,” Armstrong tells Radar exclusively. “When we go through something tragic or frightening, I believe that you find a strength inside of yourself that you didn’t know that you had.”

Armstrong, who survived domestic abuse in her first marriage, is now getting ready to celebrate her one-year anniversary with her new husband, John Bluher, on April 4.

“John and I are best friends,” Armstrong says. “He’s the person I could spend every minute with and never get tired or never feel like I need some alone time.”

Her new family unit has also provided a stable life for her 9-year-old daughter, Kennedy.

“John and Kennedy have a really beautiful relationship,” Armstrong says. “Now, Kennedy gets to see a mutually respectful relationship where John cherishes and respects me and vice versa. I feel like I’m getting a chance through my marriage with John to hopefully repair some of the damage that could have been done.”

But despite the turmoil in their past life, Armstrong still does try to keep a communication open with Kennedy about her father.

“I was advised by a child psychologist to bring him up on occasion and not to give her the impression that people just disappear in the world and then you never speak about them again,” Armstrong explains. “We try to keep that dialogue going whenever there is an open door just to kind of check in and make sure that she’s doing okay.”

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