Dina Manzo Reveals She’s Married To Dave Cantin

7 May

Dina Manzo Dave Cantin

Dina Manzo sure knows how to keep a secret!

The former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star revealed in an Instagram post on Monday that her longtime love, Dave Cantin, is actually her husband.

Though there had been speculation for a while about whether the two are husband and wife, Bravo notes this is the first time Manzo has confirmed they are married.

Manzo shared sweet details of their private June 28, 2017, ceremony, nearly two years after the couple tied the knot in Malibu, California.

“The bride wore a dress from her closet, an orange blossom in her hair and carried a Calla Lily from her Malibu Garden. In front of the gorgeous Pacific, surrounded by nature and puppies, they promised to be there in good times and bad,” she wrote in a caption next to a sweet photo of the happy couple wearing white on the beach.

Manzo called it a “simple, meaningful wedding on a day chosen by the stars.” She added the hashtag #thirdtimesacharm, a reference to this being her third marriage. It’s Cantin’s second marriage.

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Did Dina Manzo Secretly Get Married?

23 Jan


It’s only been a few months since Dina Manzo surprised us with the news that she got engaged to longtime boyfriend David Cantin, but a recent discovery has us wondering if the lovebirds are more than just fiancés.

While perusing Dina’s official Facebook page, we noticed that she has changed her last name from Manzo to Cantin, the surname of her fiancé, David.

One of Dina’s Instagram Stories posted last week also had us wondering if she and David have, in fact, tied the knot. While answering fan questions, one follower asked, “Are you married? I saw you refer to your husband?” Dina replied to that fan by writing “maybe” along with a smiley face emoji.

Dina has yet to confirm whether or not she and David are actually married. The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum has been pretty private about her relationship, which has been going strong for more than three years. During the interview with Radio Andy’s Jeff Lewis Live in which she went public with her engagement news, Dina said that her nuptials would be “small” and joked, “You’ll learn about it after.”

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Dina Manzo Reveals the Last Time She Spoke to Her Estranged Sister Caroline

26 Aug


Sometimes time heals wounds, but when it comes to the fractured relationship between Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo, that doesn’t seem to be the case. When Dina appeared on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, she not only confirmed her engagement to David Cantin, but also offered an update on where things stand with her sister and fellow The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum.

“Caroline does not speak to me at all … we haven’t spoken in two years,” Dina said about the Manzo’d with Children matriarch, via PEOPLE. She noted that fame may have contributed to their rift: “People become [caricatures] of themselves. A little part of what people say that they liked, they tend to put it on.”

While she noted about the crew in her chat with the Flipping Out designer that “I think we all changed” once the show premiered, she adds she saw a bigger transformation in her sister: “It was when I didn’t recognize who she was any more that I said, ‘I’m out.’”

She continued, “And then the television thing [factored in] after I watched Season 1. I was saying very nice things about them and watching back, they weren’t doing the same for me. So I was like, ‘What the f—?’ Is there envy going on here? They don’t want me to look good?’ I don’t know, but it freaked me out.”

In the midst of their rift, life has not only changed for Dina who has found love again, but also for Caroline who became a grandma last year. Dina added, “Maybe becoming a grandmother has brought her back down to earth.”

While Caroline and Dina don’t speak, Dina did note that she is close to her other siblings. “That’s what people don’t realize. I get infuriated when people say, ‘You don’t speak to your family.’ I have 10 siblings,” she said. “[My brother] Chris [Laurita], I saw him not too long ago, when we lived in Malibu and he came out and we had a nice dinner. We don’t see each other often because we’re on different coasts. But we’re definitely fine. And Jacqueline as well. If they called me tomorrow and they needed me, I’ll be there. They’re great.”

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Dina Manzo and Dave Cantin Are Engaged

25 Aug


Former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Dina Manzo and millionaire boyfriend Dave Cantin are engaged.

“We’ve always been engaged,” Manzo said on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live” on Wednesday. “We got engaged once, early in our relationship, and then we both realized it was way too early. And then we got engaged again last year.”

When asked if she’s going to throw a huge soiree to celebrate, Manzo joked that it would be “small” and that everyone would “learn about it after.”

“Our life is a honeymoon,” she said. “We don’t do a lot of traveling, but we are definitely in the honeymoon phase.”

In a potential plot twist, however, Manzo hinted that she and Cantin may have secretly already gotten married when she asked Lewis not to refer to her as Manzo anymore.

“I’m not Manzo anymore,” she said. “We had no children.”

Manzo and Cantin have been together since 2015 following her separation from Tommy Manzo in February of that year. They live together in California.

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Danielle Staub On Why She Thinks Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania Need a Table Flipped at Them

27 Oct


Danielle Staub got into her first true conflict during her triumphant return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey and it involved being called “scumbag” by Dolores Catania. Not once, but five times in a row, Danielle pointed out to us.

“I wanted to give her a thesaurus, to be honest with you,” she told E! News.

This came after Danielle told Teresa Giudice that Dolores told her Teresa only cared about money, and then of course there’s Cakegate with Siggy Flicker pissed at Teresa and Melissa Gorga over a playful cake food fight.

“I mean, clearly Siggy and Dolores need to have a table flipped at them to know the Cakegate isn’t that big of a deal,” Danielle cracked. “That’s all I have to say on that one.”

Filming done for the season and Danielle is still in contact with three women every day. “I’ve reached out several times to the other two. It’s kind of met with silence,” she said. And this time, she’s ready for the reunion.

“I didn’t prepare myself because I never watched the seasons when it was on, so I didn’t know what was going to happen when I would sit down on the couch, and then stuff would happen, things would be said,” she said. “I would watch a scene and I was literally watching the scenes for the first time.”

“This one I’m going in armed and ready,” Danielle promised.

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Teresa Giudice Reveals That Dina Manzo’s Still ‘Scared’ 5 Months After Robbery & Assault

10 Oct


Dina Manzo is still reeling in the wake of the robbery and assault that left her bruised and broken earlier this year, the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s close friend Teresa Giudice reveals in her new memoir.

“Dina told me that she’s scared now. She doesn’t want to be afraid, but how can she not be?” the mother of four, 45, writes in Standing Strong, out this week. “Someone violated her space and then attacked her physically. There’s no way to forget that.”

“She’s walking on eggshells. She’s looking around every corner. She’s aware of who’s in front of her, who’s next to her, and who’s behind her.”

As Radar previously reported in May, Manzo, 45, and her boyfriend, David Cantin, 37, were punched and beaten with baseball bats by masked intruders who had broken into their New Jersey home.

Earlier that weekend, Manzo attended her goddaughter Audrina Giudice’s first communion.
The terrified couple immediately fled back to their main home in California.

“Dina called me. She was still in the hospital and was hysterical,” Giudice recalls of the painful time. “She was crying so hard. She just kept saying, ‘I got punched.’ I felt devastated.”

Just last week, Manzo vowed she would never wear jewelry again after the horrific indicent, much like Kim Kardashian has ditched expensive jewels after her Paris robbery nightmare.

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Police Reveal New Details In Dina Manzo Home Invasion

25 Jun


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo and her boyfriend, David Curtin, were recently beaten and robbed at the New Jersey home they share, and the police have given RadarOnline.com an exclusive update on the vicious crime.

Lieutenant Rob Philhower of the Holmdel Township Police Department told Radar that the first thing investigators did after the May 13 attack was search video that might show the suspects either before or after the attack.

“Obviously we first looked for that but haven’t been able to come up with anything,” Philhower revealed.

Manzo, 47, and Cantin, 36, were attacked shortly before 11 p.m. in their Holmdel home after attending Teresa Giudice’s daughter’s first communion.

“As they entered the residence, two individuals, who were already inside the home, rushed towards them,” the police department reported after the attack. “The male victim was struck several times with a baseball bat by one of the assailants. The female victim was punched multiple times by the other assailant. The two victims were then bound together within the home.”

Unfortunately, Lieutenant Philhower told Radar, the case is at a standstill. “No one has been arrested,” he said. “We have no suspects.”

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Mystery Still Swirls Around Dina Manzo Home Invasion Month After Attack

8 Jun


Nearly a month after a former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star and her millionaire boyfriend were victimized in a brutal weekend home invasion that left both traumatized and with facial injuries, sources familiar with the probe tell NBC 4 New York investigators don’t appear much closer to making an arrest. 
The investigation into the May 13 attack on Dina Manzo, 46, and David Cantin, 37, in Holmdel remains active and ongoing, the sources said.
The couple had walked into their home that Saturday night to find two masked robbers already inside, according to sources and law enforcement officials. 
The attackers rushed toward them, beating the man with a baseball bat and punching the woman, sources said. The couple was then bound together in the home. The robbers went through the house and stole cash and jewelry before fleeing, prosecutors said. Both victims were treated for facial injures, but were otherwise expected to be physically OK, officials said. 
“Dina and David are obviously shaken up from the traumatic and violent home invasion and robbery,” the pair’s attorney Andrew Brettler said in a statement shortly after the attack. “No one should ever have to go through what they did. They are grateful to law enforcement and the other emergency responders and appreciate everyone’s concern and well-wishes.”

It wasn’t the first home invasion at the home; the previous owners were also targeted. Neighbors said they were concerned they too could become victims.

Dina Manzo ‘Still Recovering’ After Home Invasion/Robbery

23 May


A little over a week after Dina Manzo and boyfriend David Cantin were victims of a terrifying home invasion, the couple’s lawyer tells Page Six they’re “still recovering.”

“It just takes time,” attorney Andrew Brettler told us. “Time heals all wounds.”

The former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star and Cantin were met by a pair of masked thieves when they walked into their Holmdel, NJ, home on May 13, police said. One intruder repeatedly struck Cantin, 37, with a baseball bat while another hit Manzo, 46, a number of times.

The crooks bound the couple together and then made off with an undetermined amount of jewelry and money, according to authorities.

Millionaire businessman Cantin, who suffered a broken nose, and Manzo were both treated at a New Jersey hospital and released.

The couple has since returned to their Malibu, Calif., home, where they continue to heal from injuries sustained from the invasion.

Cantin and Manzo confirmed their relationship to Page Six last summer.

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Dina Manzo and Boyfriend Attacked In Brutal Home Invasion

16 May


Former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Dina Manzo and her boyfriend, Dave Cantin, were victims of a terrifying home invasion this weekend after two robbers broke into their New Jersey townhouse.
After celebrating “RHONJ” co-star Teresa Giudice’s daughter’s first communion on Saturday night, the couple returned to their home in Holmdel, New Jersey, around 11 p.m. to find two masked assailants already inside.
The robbers reportedly rushed at them, beating Cantin with a baseball bat and punching Manzo multiple times, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office via People. The two were then bound together, as the robbers raided the house of personal items like jewelry and cash before fleeing the scene. Police are reportedly still looking for suspects.
Cantin was eventually able to break free of his restraints and phone the police, who arrived at the home shortly after to transport the couple to the hospital. Both were treated for facial injuries, with Cantin suffering a broken nose, and were later released.

“Dina and David are obviously shaken up from the traumatic and violent home invasion and robbery,” their attorney told E! Online in a statement. “No one should ever have to go through what they did. They are grateful to law enforcement and the other emergency responders and appreciate everyone’s concern and well-wishes.”

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Dina Manzo Makes Her Acting Debut on Amazon’s Soapy Drama “Tainted Dreams”

14 Jan



“Real Housewives of New Jersey” alum Dina Manzo takes viewers behind-the-scenes of her acting debut on Amazon’s soapy drama “Tainted Dreams.”

Manzo plays Alessandra DiGiacomo a high-powered businesswoman who is all-work, no-play on the series. In TooFab’s exclusive sneak peek, the former Bravolebrity takes viewers on the set as she shoots her first scenes and tries to shake off her rookie acting jitters. 

The Emmy-nominated web series from creator and executive producer Sonia Blangiardo revolves around the behind the scenes drama of fictitious soap “Painted Dreams.” The show just recently started streaming on Amazon.

The cast of “Tainted Dreams” is a soap fan’s um, well.. dream… with a slew of popular daytime alum starring: Alicia Minshew (“All My Children”), Michael Lowry (“All My Children”), Austin Peck (“Days of our Lives”), Terri Ivens (“All My Children”), Walt Willey (“All My Children”), Kelley Menighan Hensley (“As the World Turns”), Grant Aleksander (“Guiding Light”), Bobbie Eakes (“Bold and the Beautiful”), Natalia Livingston (“General Hospital”), Nathan Purdee (“One Life to Live”), Colleen Zenk (“As the World Turns”), James DePaiva (“One Life to Live”) and the late Larkin Malloy (“Guiding Light”).

“Tainted” also taps into the reality TV genre with Manzo’s co-star Jessie Godderz from “Big Brother” fame, who we featured last week.

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Jacqueline Laurita Says Her and Dina Manzo Are Good

15 Oct


It’s been a few weeks since Caroline Manzo broke the news that her on and off-again relationship with her sister Dina Manzo is, in fact, off again, but for Jacqueline Laurita, things are still good with her sister-in-law.

“[Dina] and I made up two years ago,” Jacqueline told The Daily Dish. “She came over for Thanksgiving, I saw her that Christmas, and I saw her at Lauren [Manzo Scalia]’s wedding.”

Since Dina moved to Los Angeles, the Jersey Housewife admits the two don’t see each other any more but manage to still keep in touch. “She sent me some stuff that I put on Instagram for her, and I sent her stuff that she put on Instagram for me. I would say it’s peaceful between us, but we haven’t seen her.”

The last time Caroline and Dina were feuding, Jacqueline was also involved in the drama. While appearing on Watch What Happens Live in 2014, Caroline revealed that Dina didn’t want Jacqueline in her life and gave her sister and Chris Laurita an ultimatum.

“I want you to understand the gravity of that,” Caroline told host Andy Cohen. “This is a man that has a son that has special needs, and you’re saying for him to leave his wife in order for you to have a relationship with him.”

Caroline has yet to reveal the reason behind her current feud with sister Dina, but it’s safe to say the issue this time is not Jacqueline.

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Sisters Caroline and Dina Manzo Aren’t Speaking Again

17 Sep


It looks like there’s still tension between the Manzo sisters. After Caroline Manzo shared with The Daily Dish that she and her sister Dina Manzo “don’t have a relationship anymore,” the Manzo’d with Children matriarch reiterated during Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live that their relationship is “over.” “What are you gonna do? You can’t get blood out of a rock,” she told Andy Cohen after he asked how things were between the siblings today (clip above). 

Caroline later said during the WWHL After Show that the last time she and Dina had reconciled, they had been on good terms for about 10 months, but added that they’d “never had words” during that time (clip below).

This all started after the WWHL host mentioned that Dina had sent some love to Caroline’s fellow guest Siggy Flicker via Twitter writing, “.@siggyflicker gives great advice! You go girl” during the episode. Caroline’s comments on WWHL, however, inspired Dina to send some not-so-positive tweets her sister’s way following the episode. “I’m sick w the flu for 7 days & not in the mood for this sh**,” Dina tweeted, which seemed to be in response to Caroline’s comments. “I said one day I will snap and I might be about to.”

Dina went on to imply that Caroline is the one responsible for putting a strain on their relationship. “I was told NEVER to reach out/speak to her or her family again,” she tweeted. “Disinvited to holidays? But I’m the rock she’s trying to get blood out of?”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum then said that there was “no reason” for Caroline to bring up this topic publicly. “I was asked that same question on my press tour for my skincare & protected ‘family’ by saying all is good,” she said.

Dina said her tweet to Siggy was only meant as a compliment for “giving great relationship advice” to The Real Housewives of New York City cast on WWHL. “Andy or a caller would have asked the question anyway” about Dina and Caroline’s relationship status, according to Dina.

Ultimately, Dina said that she believes this drama is hurting their family. “I’ve kept my mouth shut for yrs to protect my parents & husband at the time,” she tweeted. “I’m done. My parents can’t be hurt anymore than they are now.”

Caroline has not yet publicly addressed Dina’s comments, but she did respond to RHONJ alum Danielle Staub‘s tweet in which she wrote, “Why the double standard @carolinemanzo you didn’t allow anyone to be friends with me but now?” after Caroline mentioned her on WWHL. But Caroline doesn’t really seem to have a beef with her former castmate. “Because Danielle Staub, thanks for watching, No.1, and No.2, you and I did not have any kind of relationship, so I don’t want to be around the people that are around you, so maybe it’s my end,” she said.

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