Cary Deuber Faces Off with Brandi Redmond Over Affair Accusations

25 Oct

“Nannygate” came to a head on Monday’s Real Housewives of Dallas, as Cary Deuber  sat down with Brandi Redmond for a tense one-on-one chat.

As RHOD fans will remember, last week, Redmond claimed that the 41-year-old registered nurse’s relationship to plastic surgeon and now-husband Mark Deuber began as a workplace affair while he was married to another woman and she was both his surgical assistant and the nanny to his children.

“I don’t understand the character assassination,” Cary told Redmond on Monday, denying the affair. “Saying that I was Mark’s nanny and all of that b——-. What did I do that was so bad that you went below the belt? I don’t understand — if I have friends like that, who needs enemies? Like, oh my God. Let’s cut the shit. Why is it a bad secret that I watched the kids? I watched your kid in Memphis, I’m not f—— you!”

“It’s called a job. I work. I was working for four different plastic surgeons,” Cary said, explaining that Mark’s two kids from his previous marriage — Gary, 20, and Laura, 16 — weren’t the only two children she was watching. “I watched all of their kids because you know why? They f—— trusted me as a responsible adult…  You were totally trying to start s—!”

It was just one of many heated confrontations between Cary and Redmond in recent weeks.

Their arguing started at a dinner in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where Cary debunked Redmond’s claims that she had previously said Redmond’s “Mommy Makeover” plastic surgeon had killed people on the operating table. Battles continued in Mexico, including a rocky boat ride that Cary later left claiming, “I can’t be friends with [Brandi and Stephanie Hollman].”

Redmond wasn’t having any of it, especially Cary’s insinuation that she was a liar.

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