‘Top Model’ Eva Marcille Joins ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ As Part-Time ‘Housewife’

30 Sep


“America’s Next Top Model” winner Eva Marcille has a real chance of joining next season’s cast of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ because she’s already stirring the pot with a few cameos.

‘RHOA’ is currently filming season 10. Our production sources tell us Eva shot with the cast last Friday at an event for Kandi Burruss and she did so well, they’ve made her a part-time cast member.

We’re told Eva’s able to throw shade with the best of them but can also put on a smile for the ladies when she needs to. Producers hope her on-cam success continues so they can bring her on full-time for season 11.

As we reported … Eva’s already filmed a few scenes with NeNe Leakes

It’s unclear who, if anyone, she’d replace next year … but one thing is for sure … those Housewives are ruthless.

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Kim Zolciak Talks That Kenya Moore ‘Pimping Your Daughter Out’ Moment

29 Sep


Kim Zolciak has three simple rules: “Don’t mess with my man, my money or my kids.”

Unfortunately, Kenya Moore did not get the memo because in the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 10 trailer, she broke rule No. 3. 

“She is not a good person,” Kim told TooFab during an upcoming interview for Bravo’s new season of “Don’t Be Tardy.” 

“Don’t mess with my man, my money or my kids. At the end of the day, that’s it. You don’t do it, and she crossed that line.”

It all started when the conversation turned to Kenya’s surprise marriage to businessman Marc Daly.

“Have you guys met her husband?” asked Kim, to which Kenya shouted back, “Worry about pimping your daughter out, bitch!”

A major storyline this season will be unveiling Kenya’s mystery husband, who Kim is convinced does not exist.

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Teresa Giudice Opens Up About the Future of Her Marriage

29 Sep


Teresa and Joe Giudice‘s marriage has overcome a lot of adversity over the past few years. However, The Real Housewives of New Jersey mom doesn’t seem to be as certain about the future of their relationship as she once was.

Teresa opened up during a recent interview with Us Weekly about whether her 18-year marriage to Joe can survive his time away as he continues to serve his 41-month sentence in prison. “Will I still be married to Joe in 40 years? I have no idea,” she said. “You don’t know what life will bring.” 

The RHONJ author opens up about her marriage like never before in her upcoming book Standing Strong, which hits shelves October 3. In it, she reveals that she’s still angry with Joe for getting them into the financial situation that led to both of them serving time in prison. “I know he didn’t mean to do it intentionally, but I’m still mad at the situation,” she told Us Weekly. “He should have been on top of everything!”

But Teresa said that Joe now “definitely feels a lot of guilt.” “When he came to see me in jail, he cried all the time,” she shared. “Joe is more sentimental than I am.”

When asked if Teresa has ever thought, “I’m done” when it comes to her marriage with Joe, she said, “Not yet.” But the road to forgiveness might be a long one for the RHONJ couple. “When he gets home, we’ll see. We have to ride this whole thing out. He has to serve his time, come home and do amazing. And then I’ll answer that question,” she explained. “But I am giving him a chance. That’s why I’m standing by him.”

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Kelly Bensimon and Claudia Jordan To Appear On WE TV’s ‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ with Patti Stanger!

28 Sep


Sometimes love is hard to find and that’s the case for former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan.

Jordan, who appeared on the seventh season of RHOA, has turned to matchmaker Patti Stanger. Stanger currently acts as host and executive producer of WE TV’s Million Dollar Matchmaker, where we see her working her magic to find the perfect pairings. 

In an exclusive clip, Jordan opens up to Stanger about her difficulty finding love and always attracting the wrong men. The former model and pageant winner reveals past trauma that’s keeping her stuck and with Stanger’s help confronts the man who is keeping her from moving on.

New York housewife Kelly Bensimon appears in the episode too, seeking Stanger’s help to get over her reality show reputation.

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How Roxy Earle Became an Unexpected Body-Positive Advocate for Women of Every Size

27 Sep


It’s hard to believe, but since the Real Housewives franchise launched on Bravo in 2006 with its Orange County series, there has never been a plus-size housewife — that is, until now. When last season’s teaser of the spin-off Toronto series was released and featured a visibly plus-size cast member, many folks took notice both offline and online.

Meet Roxy Earle: the fabulous housewife of Toronto. Throughout the show’s first season, Earle took to her Instagram accountwhere she became an unexpected voice of inspiration for women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies. When we sat down with Earle at the Instagram Uncovered body positivity summit in Toronto, she shared with Brit + Co that, while she was a prior fan of the Housewives brand, she was mostly invested in joining the series as a way of fighting for better representation of diverse bodies. 

“When I was growing up, I didn’t have someone [in media] I could identify with,” Earle said. “I think it’s great that young girls and women can see people in the media now that looks like them and they can identify with that. It feels good that I can represent for those who perhaps don’t feel represented.”

Since appearing on the show, Earle has started a hashtag campaign called #MySizeRoxa response to body shamers and people who have a limited ideal of what beauty is. “I stopped listening to what other people thought I should be and just started being myself and started truly loving myself. Through #MySizeRox, I hope to encourage people of all sizes to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, at whatever size they are.” 

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Kim Fields Speaks On What She Learned From ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Experience

26 Sep


Kim Fields‘ time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta may have been brief, but it was definitely meaningful. The RHOA alum looked back on Season 8 when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night.

Kim shared with Andy Cohen that RHOA did genuinely have a profound effect on her life. She revealed that her biggest takeaway from the show was that she “needed a happy place and time for myself.” “I totally learned that from that experience,” she said, adding that she has definitely changed after coming to that realization.

But when Andy asked Kim to name one thing that she misses about the RHOA ladies, it was not so easy for her to come up with an answer. In fact, her shady look said it all. This is one of those things that you just need to see for yourself in the clip, above. 

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Peggy Sulahian Breaks Her Silence, Addresses Rumors & Answers Critics

26 Sep


Peggy Sulahian seems to be the most reticent and reluctant “Real Housewife” to grace the small screen. Unlike the other ladies on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County (or Real Housewives of any other cities), she’s not one to harp, rehash, instigate fights and bash her cast mates. While she’s been open about the breast cancer that runs in her family and having undergone a preventive double mastectomy, she hasn’t given us the kind of insight into her personal life that would put the kibosh on rumors circulating the blogosphere. Peggy also doesn’t seem to play along with the unspoken RH rules of getting into the drama between the ladies. It’s almost as if she is a viewer of the show with a front row seat, munching on popcorn while she observes the confounding rituals of reality TV subjects. As a regular viewer and Real Housewives super-fan (though I’ll cop to the fact that I’m not watching Real Housewives of Dallas yet), I had a lot of questions for Peggy about her portrayal on RHOC. I also greatly wanted her to address the accusations written online (https://www.inquisitr.com/4485053/is-peggy-sulahian-homophobic-real-housewives-of-orange-county-cast-members-weigh-in/).
In addition to setting the record straight with me, Peggy will be appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday, October 2nd. Says her Bravo representative: “She didn’t go on at the beginning of the season because she was recovering from surgery. That story (on Radar Online, claiming her refusal to be interviewed by Andy Cohen http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/peggy-sulahian-rhoc-homophobic-gay-brother-andy-cohen-wwhl/) was completely false and had no truth to it.”
Following is my interview with Peggy: 
You have been portrayed as kind of tonguetied, unsure how to respond to the ladies and we wonder if you’ve watched the show when you tell Shannon and Tamra to stop harping and rehashing conflicts with Vicki. Why was there such a communication barrier with the ladies?
I understand a big part of the show tends to be the ladies “harping on one another,” but I believe we can do so much more than petty fighting and hashing old arguments. At this point in my life, dealing with death and disease, I believe we can let go of the past and deal with each other as adults. I appreciate that in last week’s episode, Vicki took the advice from others and called Tamra. They have been friends for years. Perhaps they can help others learn how to overcome difficulties in friendships and to grow from mistakes. ​Not sure I was tongue-tied, but at times I did feel a bit overwhelmed with so much action around. I was trying to soak it all in and at times thought twice before I spoke.
Can you address those rumors on the blogs? Are you homophobic? Can you tell me why you’re really estranged from your brother?
We have been estranged for more than 20 years. He was informed of our father’s passing and was present at the funeral. There were many people there to attest to this fact. Regarding the allegations of homophobia, perhaps actions speak louder than words. I am surrounded by people of every race, faith and lifestyle choice​, so the answer is clearly NO.​

Can you also set the record straight on turning down Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen? Did you ever previously turn it down? Will we see you on the reunion episodes at the end of the series?
No, scheduling did not permit it earlier (and Peggy’s publicist explains above). I am looking forward to going on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday, October 2nd. I love Andy and his personality and can’t wait to finally meet him! And of course I will be at the reunion, isn’t it all about the reunion anyway?!! 
What was your main objective with coming on the show and what were your thoughts and hopes going in?

My hopes were to gain friends and support in this time in need. I underwent a massive surgery and started filming 5 weeks after my double mastectomy. At the same time, I was also dealing with my father’s deteriorating health and later, his passing. Prioritizing him was more important than my health. He did not even know about my situation. After his death, I was scheduled for a double mastectomy right after. You will see in the coming weeks but I was surprised by the ladies lack of support of what I was going through. Most of the ladies have not yet shown any concern, but yet have only interrogated me about my health.

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Luann de Lesseps is Back in the Studio

25 Sep


Ladies and gentleman, the former Countess has arrived — to the studio, that is.

Newly single Luann de Lesseps documented her latest trip to the recording studio Thursday, a month after pulling the plug on her seven-month marriage to Tom D’Agostino.

The “Real Housewives of New York” star, who dropped the memorable singles  “Money Can’t Buy You Class” and “Chic, C’est La Vie,” teased new music following the split.

“I want to pour my heart into music again, and I’ve been working on a book about resilience, about how I bounce back no matter what life throws at me,” De Lesseps, 52, told People. “I don’t regret this marriage. I have learned from it.”

De Lesseps filed for divorce in August amid allegations of D’Agostino’s infidelity. The Bravo personality remains adamant he was faithful during their union.

“He’s a flirty guy, he’s a social guy, and I think people take that the wrong way sometimes. But it’s not a good look,” De Lesseps said recently on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

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Teresa Giudice Is Not Running For New Jersey Governor

24 Sep


Teresa Giudice is not running for governor of New Jersey, despite a ridiculous report. This sensational claim is nothing but fake news. Gossip Cop confirms with a lawyer for the star that she has no intention of entering the political race.

But the disreputable blog Naughty Gossip is falsely announcing, “Teresa Giudice Running For New Jersey Governor.” According to the dubious site, “Real Housewife, Teresa Giudice, isn’t happy just being a reality star. Now the New Jersey girl is getting advice that she should run for governor.” Purported “sources” are quoted as saying, “Teresa couldn’t do a worse job than Chris Christie. At first it was suggested that she run for governor as a press stunt but now she is really thinking about it.”

The outlet’s supposed “sources” go on to assert, “She has a massive social media following to get her message out and she has a lot of good ideas about how to help her state. Plus, she isn’t going to be shutting down any access to bridges. It’s about time real people took back political power and after her stay in jail, Teresa isn’t frightened of anyone.”

Christie’s term as governor is set to expire in January of 2018, and the state election for his replacement will be held this November. And while, as a longtime New Jersey resident, Giudice is eligible to throw her hat into the ring, she absolutely will not be doing so. Her attorney, James J. Leonard Jr., exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “It’s embarrassing that someone would even suggest this and even worse that someone would actually write it. Teresa is not running for governor. Period.”

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D’Andra Simmons Regrets Wearing This Outfit on ‘RHOD’ “I’m Like What the Hell Was I Thinking?”

23 Sep


We’re only a few episodes into D’Andra Simmons‘ first season on The Real Housewives of Dallas and the newbie is already cringing at her time onscreen. Specifically, she wishes she hadn’t worn a certain outfit on the show.

D’Andra recently revealed her biggest fashion regret of the season to PEOPLE: the outfit she wore when she had an emotional conversation with her stepson Keatin when he shared that he wanted to leave their home in Dallas to return to South Carolina (clip above). “I was wearing my sweater inside out from Anthropologie. I had a bandana on my head,” she said. “I’m like what the hell was I thinking? I think it was my first week of filming. I learned after that.”

But D’Andra isn’t one to dwell on the past too much. She’s moving forward in helping her mother, Dee Simmons, run the family business, although it’s unclear when D’Andra will be able to take the reigns herself. D’Andra recently moved the empire to “a newer, more contemporary building,” ’90s relics and all, according to PEOPLE. 

D’Andra’s closet is full of finds from the past and present, including an enviable collection of Oscar de la Renta pieces.

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