Lisa Rinna Accuses Kyle Richards of Playing a “Very Long Game Of Telephone”

28 Feb

Just a few things from this episode I want to touch on.

We seeKyleand Kim meet up to go shopping shortly after getting back from Punta Mita. It’s nice to see how happy Kim is about becoming a grandma any day now, and from my past few encounters with her, I know first hand how truly excited she is. It’s been two months since Game Night, and we’ve had pleasant experiences ever since then.

What I find odd is how Kyle continued this now very long game of telephone with Kim. As I have previously mentioned in my recent blogs, my original intent of explaining the dynamics of the Richards sisters to Eden, who asked me how she could help out in this situation, has now been mangled into dirty, vicious gossip. Admittedly, Kyle’s biggest concern was how this information could hurt somebody as fragile as Kim. So, before having a true understanding of the situation, Kyle went and told Kim what she had been told and this game of telephone continues…

Regardless, you will see how this all FINALLY wraps up next week.

As far as Eden goes, I wanted to go directly to her, the source, to find out why she did what she did, let her know how it made me feel, and to tell her that I now have my guard up. Many red flags have gone up in the short time I have known Eden, and I needed to be honest and upfront with her right away.

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Porsha Williams Responds to Those “Carpet Muncher” Rumors

28 Feb What went through your mind when Kandi made all of those accusations at your lunch?
PW: I was shocked and appalled. My intentions were not to make matters worse but to let her know that the statements the “Bone Collecter” made were shade and were misinterpreted and embellished when reported to the other ladies. 

Interestingly enough, while the “Bone Collector” was spilling all her tea, she forgot to mention that she spoke of the closet first. I have no idea why Kandi made such a big deal out of something so small! 

She knows she has been plagued with these accusations and much worse for years. My intentions in meeting her were to simply make sure she understood that in no way did I spill the beans on her. But once I got there, she was angry and confrontational and forced my hand! Kandi called me an aggressive lesbian first, then got mad when her true tea was served at lunch!

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Erika Jayne Joins Dancing With the Stars Season 24 Cast

27 Feb

Pat the puss is going primetime!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan-favorite Erika Girardi aka Erika Jayne (her stage name) is set to join the cast for  the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, a source exclusively confirms to E! News. While ABC does not comment on casting rumors, our source tells us fans can expect to see the RHOBH star appear when the full season 24 line-up of celebrity contestants and their professional dance partners are announced on Good Morning America on March 1.

Since making her debut in the sixth season of the Bravo reality it, Erika, who is married to famous attorney Thomas Girardi, quickly became popular, thanks to her alter ego, pop star Erika Jayne, producing hits such as “Rollercoaster,” “How Many F–ks” and “Xxpensive.”

Erika wouldn’t be the first Real Housewife to do DWTS, as her RHOBH co-star Lisa Vanderpump competed in 2013 (and Lisa Rinna competed way back in 2006, before joining the franchise), as well as Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kim Fields, NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

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Check Out the Trailer For Season 2 of ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’

27 Feb]

Can you believe it’s going on two years since we first learned of the housewives of Potomac? Well, that is the truth Ruth. Now the cast of women from the North East are returning for a second season.

As you may remember the series follows Gizelle Bryant, ex wife to pastor Jamal Bryant. She’s back out on the dating scene looking for a man with “cash flow in the pocket.” Giselle also might be catching some flack from her fellow castmates for exposing Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s marital woes. Meanwhile, Charrisse is prioritizing her children while rumors about her husband continue to circulate.

Robyn is trying to work on her relationship with her ex husband and dealing with financial hardships. Karen Huger, with her children out of the house, is moving into a new home. But she and her husband, Raymond Huger, known as the Black Bill Gates, aren’t agreeing on the size of their new spot. Ashley is trying to find out why her new restaurant is not poppin, a fact that is putting additional strain on her marriage and their plans to have children.

There’s also a new woman joining the crew. Monique Samuels, a self proclaimed “boss” who is living the glamorous life. As with all newbies, Monique gets off to a rocky start with the old cast members.

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Porsha Williams Blasts Kandi Burruss for Low Blow, Issues LGBTQ Re-Apology

26 Feb

Porsha Williams thinks Kandi Burruss is taking shots at her just to fire up the LGBTQ community over some ancient video, for which Porsha’s already apologized.

Porsha tells TMZ she’s extremely disheartened Kandi would stoop low and bring the word “hate” into the mix while referencing her church sermon from 10 years ago. She claims it was taken out of context, and stands by her former apology for the video.

Kandi told one of our photogs she thinks Porsha doesn’t love herself, because she attacked the gay community in the sermon even though she’s had lesbian experiences … which came out on ‘RHOA.’ 

Porsha says Kandi should stop trying to make trouble … especially because she already did a mea culpa, saying … “I believe we are all God’s children … although some people judge others by race, gender, status, religion, or sexual orientation, we should ALL have the right to serve God.”

She says she stands by those words today, no matter what Kandi thinks.

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Vicki Gunvalson Claims Employee Embezzled Money From Her Insurance Company

25 Feb

Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson claims one of her employees stole thousands of dollars from her business, Coto Insurance & Financial Services.

The Orange County sheriff tells E! News that a crime report wasn’t written; instead, an information report titled possible embezzlement was drafted. Investigators are going to take a look and determine whether it’s a civil or criminal report.

According to TMZ, Gunvalson, 54, noticed discrepancies in the company’s books and believes the unnamed employee embezzled money into his personal account and “poached clients” from her son, Michael Wolfsmith, who is vice president of the brokerage. Gunvalson hired the employee two months ago but reportedly already fired him.

Police opened an investigation looking into Gunvalson’s claims.  

E! News has reached out to Gunvalson for comment.

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Phaedra Parks On Why She Stayed Silent on Those Kandi Burruss Lesbian Rumors

24 Feb

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta didn’t do much roasting of marshmallows during their recent glamping trip, opting instead to roast each other as the rumors about Kandi Burruss‘ sexuality finally got back to the music mogul. Even though Phaedra Parks may have been all about the gossip with Porsha Williams and Shereé Whitfield earlier in the season, she kept mostly mum when the subject came up among the entire squad. 

Of course, one might find that behavior to be a bit shady, as Andy Cohen did during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, prompting Phaedra to explain herself. “At the end of the day, I came on the trip to be positive, and we all know that Porsha can handle herself,” she told the host. “Porsha’s a strong woman, Porsha’s a great friend, and she is not a liar. I will say that.”

Phaedra went on to say that she didn’t feel like speaking up about the matter would have helped anything anyway. “But then on the second note, it was already becoming very heated, and it was already going in a bad direction, so I didn’t need to add any more fuel to that fire,” she said.

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Lisa Vanderpump Reveals the Big Fear She Had to Face to Join RHOBH

24 Feb

Lisa Vanderpump may be one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but there was one major — and personal — fear that she had to confront to join the Bravo reality series.

Speaking with Jenny McCarthy on Wednesday, Vanderpump, 56, revealed to the Jenny McCarthy Show host that the big fear she was forced to face dealt with her son Max’s adoption.

“My first fear of — god, I haven’t talked about this before. My first fear when I signed up to do Housewives was my son was 18 and I said, ‘You know, it really does worry me that maybe this family would come forward.’ I said, ‘I want to be very sensitive about that.’ I thought because they met me, that if I was on Dancing with the Stars — at the time I didn’t know that it would be as big, the show, in such public forum — that maybe I would kind of hear from them and I never did,” Vanderpump admitted.

Although the Bravo personality has not heard from her son’s biological parents — Max was adopted by Lisa and her husband, Ken, when he was an infant — it could potentially occur in the near future. Vanderpump, who has starred on the show since 2010, also revealed that the “confusing” storyline will “play out” on the reality series.

While the topic was — and is — personal to Vanderpump, she doesn’t want to allow her own feelings to interfere with her son’s journey.

“You never know how long you’re going to be on this planet and I always wanted to support him, that if ever he went down that road, that we were there to support him,” Vanderpump told McCarthy.

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Eileen Davidson Snags a Major Movie and Book Deal

23 Feb

Have you ever wanted to write and star in a movie you wrote yourself? That’s exactly what is happening for daytime star Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott, Y&R and B&B; Kristen DiMera, DAYS)

Several years ago, Davidson, who also stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, authored a series of thrilling mystery books that feature a soap heroine named Alexis Peterson who also solves crimes (could this be true to her life?).

According to Soap Opera Digest, her first novel, Dial Emmy for Murder, was recently optioned to be a movie, and Davidson will not only write but also star in the film.

Davison said, “I wrote these books 10 years ago, one every year for a few years, and one of them has been optioned. And I’m in the middle of writing a second draft for it, and hopefully we’re gonna be filming it this summer. So I’ll be starring in that, co-writing it, exec producing, and that should be fun.”

This does sound like an incredibly fun experience for the multi-talented and beautiful actress/author!

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Monique Samuels Joins ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’

22 Feb

Monique Samuels joins the fierce ladies of The Real Housewives of Potomac this season, and she is not afraid to shake things up with her “tell it like it is” style. Monique grew up in Pleasantville, NJ surrounded by her loving family. She grew up a tomboy, and her father instilled a sense of strength and independence into her. When Monique was a teen, he would not let her drive a car until she knew how to change a tire and check under the hood. Monique’s close-knit family has helped her remain the down-to-earth Jersey girl that she is today.

Monique was the salutatorian of her high school graduating class. After graduation, she moved to Pittsburgh to attend Duquesne University on a full academic scholarship. After a few semesters, Monique decided to pursue her true passion, a career in music. She packed her bags and moved to Washington, DC where she met her future husband, Chris Samuels, a six-time Pro Bowl left tackle who played for the Washington Redskins. Chris and Monique’s friendship has blossomed into a marriage of five years and their beautiful four-year-old son, Christopher, and one-year-old daughter, Milani.

Monique is a boss in every sense of the word, as she manages her husband’s businesses, which include a real estate investment company, a business enterprise, and the Chris Samuels Foundation. As if that weren’t enough to keep her busy, she is currently completing her business degree from the University of Alabama and working on her blog, Not for Lazy Moms, which discusses holistic and natural remedies for adults and kids. When she has time to relax at one of the couple’s five homes, Monique enjoys weekly spa treatments and international jet-setting travel with her family. 

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53-Year-Old Lisa Rinna Posts A Nude Selfie

21 Feb

Television personality Lisa Rinna stripped down for a nude selfie Sunday.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and two-time Playboy cover model shared a naked photo on Instagram following news the magazine will again feature nudity.

“It’s back. I got scared then I said I’m 53 — zero [expletive] given! Cheers to @playboy for going back to nudes,” Rinna captioned the snapshot.

“The female body is so beautiful, every size and every age. Be proud! #thefemalebodyisbeautiful #allshapesandsizes #loveyourself #loveyourbody,” she added.

Rinna first posed for Playboy in 1998 while six months pregnant with her daughter Delilah. She later appeared on the magazine’s May 2009 cover after competing on the ABC series Dancing with the Stars.

“While I’m definitely a product of this mindset, I don’t get all the fuss our society has over people’s weight,” the star told People in 2009.

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