Alexis Bellino Slams Lydia McLaughlin, Says She Isn’t ‘Putting Herself In My Shoes’

31 May

During this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Lydia McLaughlin had a sit-down chat with Alexis Bellino and tried to convince her to make amends with their other cast members. But, Alexis doesn’t want to do that, and she wishes that Lydia would just lay-off.

“When Lydia and I met for coffee, I really didn’t expect her to keep asking me to be the one to reach out,” Alexis writes in a May 29 Bravo Blog. “It’s frustrating, and I truly don’t feel she is putting herself in my shoes.”

Alexis wants Lydia to support her decision and also to not feel bad for her.

“By the time we filmed this, we had known each other for quite a few months,” Alexis writes. “We’d had many serious talks, and we had hung out on several occasions, and I feel she should have a better understanding of the dynamic between the girls and me.”

SHE adds, “It’s not necessary that she agrees with me, but I had hoped she would respect my decision and support me, whether it’s the same choice she would have made or not.”

On May 27, Lydia blogged that she does feel that she is the peacemaker in the group.

“At this point in the season, I feel like I have figured out my place amongst the woman,” Lydia says. “I’ve started to think perhaps my ‘role’ in this whole group of woman is to be a peacemaker and help everyone get along [sic].”

Lydia had recently seen a “softer” side to Alexis’ archenemy, Tamra Barney, which convinced her it was time for Alexis to “move on.”

“Maybe Alexis and Tamra could put their past behind them and move on,” she explains. “I know it is not good to hold onto such negativity and so I wanted to encourage Alexis to talk to Tamra.”

To make that happen, Alexis has to forgive Tamra for epically kicking her out of party.

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Lisa Hochstein Battles to Demolish Historic Mansion

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“Real Housewives of Miami” star Lisa Hochstein and her husband, a plastic surgeon renowned locally as “the Boob God,”  are locked in a fight with preservationists who want to keep the couple from knocking down their $8 million mansion on Star Island in Miami, Fla.

Hochstein and her husband, Dr. Leonard Hochstein, bought the historic waterfront mansion for $7.6 million but now they want to tear it down and rebuild.

“It is really not functional or safe. As a matter of fact, the engineers have said that the balconies can fall at any time,” Lenny Hochstein said as he led ABC News through the house’s battered interior.

The Hochsteins want to demolish the house and build a 20,000 sq ft home with all the modern amenities.

“It will have more modern plumbing, modern air conditioning. It will be functional for our family,” Hochstein said.

The couple breezed  through the preliminary stages of city approval for their renovations, but ran into a wall in the form of Miami Beach’s preservation society, which hopes to designate the “Gatsby”-era castle as a historic home, preventing it from being demolished.

An application for historic designation on the home was cleared by the City of Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board and now awaits final approval.  For the Hochsteins, it’s a waiting game since they can’t make major improvements while the application is pending.

“Most homeowners of Miami Beach respect the history. This particular couple does not,” said Kent Harrison Robbins, attorney for Miami Design Preservation League. “This is a matter of preserving the historic resources of a community.”

When the couple hosted a gangster-style theme party last week, splattering fake blood all over the walls of the mansion, the Preservation League was not happy. Some would call the couple’s paint party desecration to such a historic home.

The home, Robbins said, was built in the 1920s and is the “crown jewel” of Miami Beach. Star Island is also home to celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell, P. Diddy and Gloria Estefan.

“This is not an $8 million house. The value of the property is in the land,” Hochstein insisted.

Hochstein said preservationists didn’t pay any attention to the home until he and his reality star wife purchased it.

“I don’t think there is any question that all of this was because my wife has notoriety,” he said.

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Joe Giudice To Stand Trial in July on Falsifying Charge

30 May

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” hubby Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice will go on trial July 15 on charges he posed as his brother to get a driver’s license, an alleged offense that could cost him 10 years in state prison if he’s convicted.

Giudice in April rejected a plea deal that would have gotten him four years in state prison. The prosecution has maintained that it is the final offer.

 The trial date was scheduled during a status conference on the case by state Judge Greta Gooden Brown in Paterson. Miles Feinstein, the defense lawyer for Giudice, and Jay McCann, a Passaic County assistant prosecutor, said in court that a mid-July start would give them reasonable time to prepare.

“We are happy that a trial date has been set and we look forward to Joe being exonerated,” Feinstein said following the brief hearing Monday, in which Giudice attended with his mother. Both declined comment.

Feinstein predicted a “rather lengthy trial” in light of the difficulty seating a jury in July, when many people are on vacation. He also said given his client’s fame – Giudice appears frequently on the Bravo TV show — finding unbiased jurors could take time. Jury selection could take weeks and the trial itself could last as long as two and a half weeks, Feinstein said.

But he said a trial is preferable to accepting terms offered in April by the prosecutor’s office.

“The plea deal offered by the state is totally unacceptable and is contrary to other plea offers in other similar cases,” he added. Feinstein accused the state of being harder on Giudice because of his “celebrity status.” “Joe should be treated, like anyone else,” he said.

The state has denied the allegation.

Giudice, 43, of Montville, is accused of using his brother Pietro’s identity in June 2010 in an attempt to obtain a driver’s license at the Motor Vehicle Commission office in Paterson. Obtaining a false driver’s license in New Jersey is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Authorities allege that Giudice used a marriage and birth certificates belonging to his 39-year-old brother to obtain the license. Giudice’s license was suspended at the time for driving while intoxicated after he flipped his pickup in Montville in January 2010.

The brothers came under suspicion by investigators after Pietro Giudice was pulled over by Lincoln Park police. When the officer ran Pietro Giudice’s information through a dashboard computer, the search produced Joe Giudice ‘s photograph, authorities said.

Feinstein has argued that because Joe Giudice has no prior criminal convictions, he should be eligible for probation.

Giudice is married to Teresa Giudice, a castmember of the show, which takes place in various North Jersey locations.

Despite all the glam, the couple has had their problems. In September 2010, Joe Giudice served a 10-day jail sentence for driving without a license in Morris County. In October 2009, the Giudices filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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Report Says Tamra Barney Banned Alexis Bellino From Her Wedding

30 May

Tamra Barney is banning most of her Real Housewives of Orange County castmates from her wedding to fiancé Eddie Judge — particularly nemesis Alexis Bellino — because she doesn’t want the other housewives snapping up all the attention on her big day.

According to a report from The National Enquirer, Tamra won’t be inviting Alexis and the feisty blonde told the magazine, “Let’s just say not all the Housewives will be invited.”

An invite for Vicki Gunvalson is an, “Um, maybe,” Tamra told The Enquirer.

“Vicki had been trying to smooth things over,” a source told the magazine of the dramatic episode when she brought Alexis to a dinner party celebrating the opening of Tamra’s new gym.

“She was hoping to broker an end to the feud so that Tamra would invite Alexis to the wedding. But Alexis just couldn’t resist taking another shot at Tamra — and that ended any change of getting all the ‘Housewives’ together. Both Tamra and Eddie want nothing to do with Alexis.”

As previously reported, Tamra and Eddie had a joint bachelorette/bachelor party in Las Vegas earlier this month and were only joined by two of her Housewives castmates, because Tamra wanted a drama-free affair.

“This wedding may be tearing the cast apart,” the source told The Enquirer.

“And Tamra loves it.”

To find out who’s invited and who’s not, pick up the latest issue of The National Enquirer, on newsstands Thursday.

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Heather Dubrow Says Her Relationship With Husband Terry Is “Stronger Than Ever”

30 May

Frankly, we’ve been a bit worried about Heather and Terry Dubrow’s marriage ever since their bickering reached a fever pitch over the last few episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8.

Terry caused some serious waves in Season 8, Episode 7, when he mentioned in front of all the other housewives that he and Heather have discussed divorce in the past. 

But to Heather, reliving these difficult moments by watching Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 isn’t hard for her. Rather, it reminds her of how great her marriage is.

Taking to her Bravo blog, Heather Dubrow explained why she loved re-watching the scene of Terry apologizing to her in Season 8, Episode 9.

We are so blessed in so many ways and we love each other so much,” wrote Heather. “After more than 16 years, we are stronger than ever. Although I know we aren’t perfect and we will have other issues on our journey through life, I know we are strong and we will navigate those times. . .together.”

To hit home the point, Heather even included a photo of herself and Terry on their wedding day, looking blissful and fairytale perfect.

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Kordell Stewart Slams Claims That He Locked Estranged Wife Porsha Out Of Home

29 May

Porsha and Kordell Stewart’s (pictured) divorce apparently gets uglier by the day. Earlier this week, Porsha, the reality show starlet of the Bravo hit “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” claimed that Kordell changed the locks of their 12,500-sq.-ft. mansion and locked her out. Now Kordell is firing back at Porsha’s accusations, stating that he did indeed change the locks of their home because his wife “abandoned the marital home on April 2, 2013,” according to HipHollywood.

In the filed court document, which was obtained by HipHollywood, the former NFL Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback reportedly contends:

“[Porsha] established a routine of leaving (the) pre-marital residence without explanation and without consideration of the detrimental effects such behavior would have on the parties’ marriage and [Kordell’s] 9-year-old son.”

Kordell also claims, that he did in fact forewarn his soon-to-be-ex missus via a text message that he had made the move to change the locks of their home. The following text was also included in the court filing:

Hey reaching out not knowing who may or may not have keys to the house at this point, I was concerned for our safety so I changed the locks on the house. If and when you need to get in give me a heads up so you can get in.

The 40-year-old former gridiron-star-turned-sports-analyst even goes in on Porsha with regards to her claims of having to move in with her mother after she was locked out of the marital property. Kordell states that his wife, whom he says is now a “celebrity,” has managed to generate more than enough lucrative income via endorsements, public appearances, and her Bravo hit reality series.

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Kathy Wakile Almost Didn’t Return For Season 5 of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”

29 May

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile will be back for Season 5 of the Bravo reality TV show and the down-to-earth entrepreneur will once again join the madness and mayhem that only her castmates can provide. In a recent interview with Out IN Jersey Kathy gabs on Season 5 of the hit show starting out in the wake of a natural disaster and throwing the ladies for a loop. 

I was definitely happy to see the page turn for some things,” Kathy says about the upcoming season of RHoNJ. “The season opens with Hurricane Sandy, and it was definitely tough. We signed up for this though; it’s our lives, it’s our families, and you need to document both the good and the bad. With Sandy, it’s the same things as rebuilding our families; we needed to rebuild and to get it to the splendor that it once was. you have to do the work. We put in a lot of work & it definitely wasn’t easy. Repairs of any kind, done on or off camera, need to be done.

Kathy also addresses how “friends of the housewives” Kim D., Jennifer Dalton and Penny Drossos added a little flavor to the Jersey cast. 

I think having some new ladies definitely helped freshen things up a bit, it definitely helped. For me, it’s fun to interact with new people, and I didn’t really have any problems with them.

Having new ladies freshened it up all right. As you know, Penny Drossos is the wife to John “Johnny the Greek” Karagiorgios — the same “Johnny the Greek” that was involved in the epic “Jersey brawl” this past March with RHoNJ’s Jacqueline and Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga. As you can imagine, we can’t wait to see how things go down. 

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 premieres Sunday June 2 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson Deal With Relationship, Family and Suicide Drama

29 May

Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney and all of your favorite damsels near Disneyland were back with a brand new episode of Real Housewives of Orange County Monday, and we’ve got the details for you right here on

Viewers got a look at Vicki’s ongoing tightrope walk as she continued balancing her relationship with on-again, off-again beau Brooks Ayers and her disapproving daughter Briana Wolfsmith-Culberson and marine son-in-law Ryan (who have been outspoken in their disdain for Brooks).

“The O.G. from the O.C.” had lunch with Brooks, but things got a bit tense when Vicki wasn’t able to join him for a weekend getaway due to a preexisting obligation to babysit her grandson. When she tried for a different weekend, Brooks was unavailable, as he had his own kids to tend to.

The Coto de Caza, Calif. native asked her sometimes-paramour, “Can I get a raincheck?” to which he responded, “Maybe if you’re nice.”

“I’m always nice — until you pi** me off,” Vicki told Brooks, who responded, “You don’t want to piss me off either.”

Later on in the show, we saw Ryan, headed to Afghanistan on an 11-month tour-of-duty, in his military regalia, a fitting sight for the Memorial Day broadcast.

Elsewhere, Tamra had a busy slate as well, looking foxy as she delivered a speech at a Los Angeles Women’s Expo.

Afterwards, the blonde beauty engaged in an incredibly personal — and quite uncomfortable — exchange with her mother that might help explain the cause behind the anger issues she’s admitted to: She was never told “I love you” by her parents as a child.

Tamra told her mother that her inability to tell her that she loved her has left a lasting impression on her. Her mother explained that that’s how she was reared, and that “it becomes a habit,” unfortunately.

Tamra said because of those scars, she’s had a real tough time emotionally connection to others, both in romance and friendship.

“It’s been one of my biggest challenges of my entire life,” Tamra told her mom. “Do you know that it’s hard for me to tell you that I love you?”

 The two, on good terms, then exchanged the three magic words and a hug, giving the segment a heartwarming, Disney ending.

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LuAnn de Lesseps Very Close To Signing On For 6th Season of “The Real Housewives of New York City”

28 May

LuAnn de Lesseps is thisclose to signing on for the upcoming sixth season of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” reportedly holding out for a bigger payday.

“We are this close to settling my contract so it’s all very positive — I have a very good relationship with Bravo and so I think it’s going to work out,” she told us at the Miracle House Gala at Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club in Bridgehampton on Saturday night.

“They are used to the ‘Housewives’ and all of the drama that goes on with the show, and obviously there’s a lot of drama that goes on with women, and housewives,” she added.

De Lesseps’ co-star Aviva Drescher was also at the gala, and confirmed that she is returning to the show.
“Yes. I am. We started filming,” Drescher said. “We’ve been filming for a couple of weeks.”

De Lesseps and Ramona Singer are the only two original cast members left on the Bravo reality show. Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson round out the cast.

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Brandi Glanville Slams Kyle Richards, Denies Bullying Allegation

27 May

Brandi Glanville isn’t taking being called a bully lying down.

“If bullying is giving a fellow housewife a heads up wen negative stories R coming out about her husband then color me confused#IMAgirlsGIRL,” The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star tweeted  to her fans on Friday.

As reported, Kim and Kyle Richards  have complained that several other BH Housewives, led by Brandi, confronted Kim with allegations her husband Mauricio Umansky  is cheating on her.

The Richards sisters responded with their opinion that what Brandi did was nothing more than “bullying” and Kim even threatened to quit the Bravo show, in defense of Kyle.

Brandi, who knows something about a cheating spouse — she was married to Eddie Cibrian  when he famously began his affair with the also married LeAnn Rimes  — assumed Kyle would want to know about the allegations regarding Mauricio.

Apparently not.

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Lisa Wu Launches New Line of Lipstick

27 May

Lip Addyct announced today they have partnered with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s star Lisa Wu to launch a new line of lipsticks named “Chameleon.”

“When making the decision to enter the lipstick market, we decided to partner with an entrepreneur we admire and Lisa Wu fits the bill,” said Adrienne Owens, owner of Lip Addyct. “She’s fearless and works hard to push her brands. We knew she’d bring that same enthusiasm and work ethic to her line and we are pleased with the results.”

The cosmetics company, based in Memphis, TN, produces a line of lip care products that includes lip glosses, lip lacquers, lipsticks and lip balms.

“Our glosses have been and continue to be extremely successful. We offer every type of lip gloss one can imagine and they’ve been highly embraced nationwide,” adds Owens.

Chameleon by Lisa Wu is a line of lightweight, paraben-free, smooth and creamy lipsticks which has been formulated to care for the lips while providing them with a long-lasting and rich color.

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Kim Richards Threatens To Leave ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Over Sister’s Bullying

25 May

Frankly, I’m disappointed that Kim, Kyle and Taylor don’t all just take a stance and join forces to force Andy Cohen’s hand and demand that he make a choice between them and the cancer that is Brandi Glanville:

Don’t mess with Paris Hilton‘s aunts!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has threatened to quit the hit Bravo television show because of concerns that sister, Kyle, is being bullied by co-stars Brandi GlanvilleLisa Vanderpump and Yolanda has exclusively learned.

After being confronted about allegations that Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, was cheating on her, “the mean girls, headed up by Lisa, she had a very emotional visit with Kim. Kim and Kyle have had their issues over the years, but when the chips are down, they look out for each other. After Kyle told producers she wanted off the reality show, Kim issued the same ultimatum,” a source told Radar.

“Kim has come a long way in her sobriety, and isn’t afraid to assert herself now. She demanded that the bullying Kyle was being subjected to stop, or else. Kim only did the show because Kyle wanted her to, and she needs the money. It’s not worth it to her though, to see her family getting raked through the coals for ratings.”

The latest drama unfolded when the ladies blindsided Kyle during filming last week with allegations that her husband was cheating on her.

Although hunky Mauricio has previously denied being a womanizer, Lisa and Brandi decided “to confront Kyle about it on camera,” an insider previously told Radar. “They absolutely blindsided her, and were relentless.

“Brandi maintained she had solid information to prove that Mauricio has been cheating on Kyle. Kyle became extremely upset, and refused to listen to the girls. She felt especially betrayed by Lisa because they had once been so close.”

The Richards sisters “are contractually obligated to film this season. Kim doesn’t want Kyle to end up like Adrienne Maloof and how she was maligned on the show last season. Don’t mess with Kim, she isn’t the pushover she used to be,” the insider revealed.

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Melissa Gorga Talks Wanting “A Bigger Booty!”

24 May

After three children, Melissa Gorga definitely worries about how her body looks in a bikini — but not in the way one would think. “I know there’s a lot of women who try to minimize their backsides . . . but I actually want a bigger booty!” the married mom of Antonia, 7, Gino, 5, and Joey, 3, told Us Weekly at a bikini photo shoot for our annual Hot Bodies issue, out Fri., May 24. “I do a lot of squats and lunges to bulk and lift it up.”

Sticking to a strict thrice weekly workout schedule, Gorga, 34, often hits up group classes at New York City’s Soul Cycle, or lifts weights with her husband of eight years, Joe Gorga. Admitting that she was about 10 pounds heavier when she first met her husband, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star slimmed down after each of her kids was born.

Teaching healthy habits to her three children from a young age, the fit “I Just Wanna” singer — who donned a sexy red bikini at Us Weekly‘s shoot — says she’s become more conscious of showing skin as a mom. “I’m a firm believer in showing a little bit, but keeping a lot a secret,” Gorga tells Us, adding that her stomach is her favorite body part. “If I’m going to show leg, then I’m not going to show much boob. I feel like everything in small drips is great.”

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Yolanda Foster Becomes a U.S. Citizen

24 May

Yolanda Foster doesn’t have to worry about visas anymore—and we mean the government kind, not the credit card.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has officially been sworn in as a U.S. citizen at the Los Angeles Convention Center, E! News reveals exclusively.

Accompanying Foster to today’s ceremony was her husband, Grammy-winning music producer David Foster, fellow RHOBH castmember Brandi Glanville, and a camera crew for the hit Bravo series which filmed the reality star taking the oath for the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services along with 4,000 other people.

Dressed in a white suit with an American flag scarf, Foster told E! News, “As a little girl, it was always my dream to come to America.”

“I am living the American dream every day. I am so thankful,” she said. “We worked very hard. We worked for everything we have in our life. We worked hard to get where we are today.”

After finding success traveling around the world as a model, Yolanda left her native Holland two decades ago to take up permanent residence in the U.S. After moving to Los Angeles in 1994, she ended up marrying Mohamed Hadid and having three children before the two divorced in 2000. She tied the knot with David in a star-studded wedding on 11-11-11.

Foster told E! News that not being an American citizen always made her feel like there was a “separation” from her kids.

“When we would arrive in America, I would go in one line and they would go in another line,” she said.

The Bravo personality also noted that she’s looking forward to voting since she’s actually never had the opportunity—ever.

“I’ve never voted in my life. I left Holland right when I was 16 and I wasn’t eligible to vote and when I came here I wasn’t allowed to vote. I’m excited to go with my husband and discuss politics,” she remarked.

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