Pal Claims Adrienne Maloof & Hubby’s Open Marriage Led To Divorce

31 Jul

Adrienne Maloof and her husband filed for separation on Monday, but has exclusively learned the couple were having issues for a long time and even had an open marriage.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s estranged hubby Dr. Paul Nassif has already moved out of the family mansion, but friends of the couple are not surprised by the split and even say they saw it coming.

“Adrienne and Paul have pretty much had an open marriage for quite some time,” a close pal exclusively told

“They both knew of indiscretions the other had, and both would get jealous, but their marriage had become so broken it was the only option for them.”

After nine years of marriage, Adrienne exclusively told “I’m so sorry that this is happening, but my children are my life and sometimes we need to do what’s best for them. It’s an unfortunate situation, but I have to have my kids’ best interest at heart.”

The cast of the hit Bravo show is taping tonight and insiders say Adrienne’s divorce is sure to play a key role in the new season.

“Everyone involved in the show knew Adrienne and Paul weren’t happy with each other and quickly on their way to a divorce,” the source continued.

“Having an open marriage was not a solution but they were desperate to keep it together for the children.”

 While the source maintains an open marriage existed between Adrienne and Paul, they note that neither is actually ending the marriage because of a new relationship.

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Caroline Manzo Could Get Her Own Talk Show

31 Jul

Watch out, Bethenny Frankel! Another “Real Housewives” cast member may be given her own talk show. Caroline Manzo, from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” one of the most popular series in the Bravo franchise, has often been mentioned in development meetings, following the initial test run of Frankel’s show.

“There are a lot of sheep in the TV business. Once a formula is successful, everyone wants to copy it,” one TV insider tells me. “Caroline’s name has come up several times and although it’s still in the very early stages, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she gets her own chat show.”

A few months ago, Caroline co-hosted her first daytime show, joining Jane Hanson and Sara Gore on “New York Live,” where she proved to everyone that she had what it took.

“Caroline Manzo is appealing for daytime talk because she has the ‘it’ factor,” explains Amy Rosenblum, executive producer of New York Live. “You want to be friends with Caroline. Why? Because she’s nice and she’s honest and she says what the viewers are feeling. I loved Caroline when she co-hosted because she wasn’t afraid to speak her feelings — and what she said had a huge impact.”

Caroline says that no one has contacted her yet, but told me it would be something she would love to do.

“Caroline is perfect for women at home,” Rosenblum, who also runs the high-profile media training company Media Masters, tells me. “She is smart, relatable and feels comfortable in her own skin.”

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Alex McCord Says Bravo Threatened Her to “Put a Lid on” Her Revealing RHONY Video Blogs

31 Jul

Former The Real Housewives of New York star Alex McCord claims that Bravo executives are so unhappy with her juicy video blogs that they wrote her a “strong-worded letter” last week, asking Alex to “put a lid on it.”

Every Tuesday, after an episode of RHONY Season 5 airs the night before, Alex recaps the episode in video format for RumorFix. We always look forward to Alex’s vlogs, because she includes details and commentary on how certain scenes and get-togethers are “set up” by producers and crew members.

But after Alex sent Bravo a letter regarding a separate issue — she objects to Bravo’s alleged “Top 20 Reunion Moments” special in the works because she and other stars won’t receive royalties —  the NY Daily News reports that “the network fired back their own [letter to Alex].”

Alex claims that in Bravo’s letter they basically said “they didn’t like my RumorFix videos.” We can see why. Personally, we’ve found her insight enlightening, and they do change the way we watch Real Housewives shows now.

Alex tells the NYDN, “Everything I discuss on RumorFix is coming solely from watching the show, plus the general experience of having been on a reality show for four years.”

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Dr. Paul Nassif Plans to File For Legal Separation From Adrienne Maloof

30 Jul

Sad news. Sure they often fought a lot, but I still liked them together as a couple:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Dr. Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof are on the outs — Paul plans to file for legal separation early this week … TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us Adrienne and Paul have discussed the situation, and she is well aware of his intentions to file the paperwork.

We’re told the couple — married since 2002 — has made multiple attempts to work out their issues, but … no dice.

Paul and Adrienne have 3 sons together. 

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Kyle Richards Slims Down After ‘Getting Head-to-toe Liposuction’

29 Jul


She looked incredible at the pre-opening of her clothing boutique last weekend.

Kyle Richards wore a low-cut floral dress, embellished with sequins that showed off her enviable frame.

But it seems the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star may have had a little help with looking so good for her 43 years of age.

Apparently the reality personality recently underwent a head-to-toe liposuction procedure.

Richards has been feeling self-conscious about her womanly curves ever since giving birth to her four children, daughters who range in age from four to 24.

Kyle has been known to cover up while the rest of her female cast mates don two-piece swimsuits for their trips away, and most recently a getaway to Sin City left her feeling more insecure.

A close source told Radar: ‘The deciding factor for Kyle was the housewives trip to Las Vegas. 

‘They were filming around the pool and Camille and Brandi immediately stripped down to these teeny tiny bikinis – and, needless to say, they both looked stunning.’

As a model, it’s no wonder 39-year-old Brandi Glanville feels the need to stay looking trim next to her co-stars. 

However, the mother-of-two (and former wife of actor Eddie Cibrian) acknowledged undergoing plastic surgery procedures, including having her lips plumped and her breasts augmented.

The insider continued: ‘Kyle felt so intimidated, there was no way she was taking anything off in front of the cameras, she felt totally inadequate.

‘Don’t get me wrong. Kyle was by no means overweight, she eats healthily and she works out, but she just has certain areas of her body, like most women, that she isn’t happy about. So she decided to get a little help.

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NeNe Leakes: Ryan Murphy is ‘Obsessed’ with Me

29 Jul]

NeNe Leakes will grace our televisions in her second scripted role this fall with NBC’s The New Normal, and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star wants to relay a very special thank you to her glorified stalker, Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

“[Ryan] had an obsession with me,” explains NeNe of how she landed the plumb role of coach Roz on Glee.

“Ryan said to me that I was his guilty pleasure and he’d been watching The Real Housewives … he would watch it on Sunday and make his bed and drink his coffee and watch me.”

After several appearances on the FOX hit, Murphy apparently couldn’t get enough of the outspoken star, proposing she join his new sitcom about a gay couple looking to adopt.

“He was like, a huge fan of mine and he called around looking for me and we worked it out,” said NeNe.

Also starring Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha, Georgia King and Ellen Barkin, The New Normal casts Leakes’ in a familiar part: a sassy neighbor who tells it like it is.

“It’s gonna be lots of laughs,” she promised. “There may even be a tear. There will definitely be drama. It’s gonna be a great show.”

The New Normal’s series premiere date is scheduled for September 11, 2012 on NBC.

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Melissa Gorga Talks Music Career, Says Joe Giudice Is “Only Making a Fool of Himself”

29 Jul

Melissa Gorga had a pretty easy time on the last episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, seeing as all the h’wives (more or less) managed to keep the peace, but she did have some choice words for Joe Giudice after watching the househusbands have their discussion at Chris Laurita’s house.  

During the discussion, Joe Giudice admitted that one big gripe he had with Joe Gorga was the fact that he never returned a set of tools he borrowed a long time ago. In her latest, blog Melissa discusses Joe Giudice’s behavior (that night and in general), and she has some choice words for her brother-in-law.  

Melissa writes, “As far as the men go, boys will be boys… If Joe Giudice got is just mad Joe didn’t return tools, and he continues to speak the way he does about his wife’s brother, that’s sad.” 

“He has continually bashed me as well, and in the long run he’s only making a fool of himself,” she concluded.

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Is Sonja Morgan Too Sexual? Carole Radziwill Thinks So

28 Jul

We think The Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan is a hoot, but based on this sneak peek of Season 5, Episode 9: “Dirty Ol’ Dad” (airing July 30) not all of the housewives are on board with Sonja’s raunchy jokes.

Here the gals are given a lesson in facial yoga (seriously), and Sonja can’t seem to stop herself from making sexual innuendo after sexual innuendo. We think she’s funny, and of course Ramona Singer was laughing it up. Carole Radziwill, on the other hand, was less than amused.

“I wish that Sonja and Ramona took it a little more seriously, because they could both benefit from it,” she comments in this video. “But it’s not my job to teach them good manners.”

Oh, snap!

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Adrienne Maloof Reveals That She Isn’t Friends With Some Of Her ‘Housewives’ Co-Stars

28 Jul

It is no secret that ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ stars aren’t exactly the best of friends when the cameras aren’t rolling. Both Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville have pointed fingers at Adrienne Maloof for spreading false stories about them in the press. However, Adrienne herself has recently shared some statements about her costars when talking about the upcoming third season. In a new interview released yesterday, Adrienne explains that there are definitely some women on the show that she isn’t friends with.

“We have a new cast, so you’ll have to wait and see how we interact,” ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Adrienne Maloof said in the interview conducted at the Zing-branded Vodka launch party. There are rumors that Yolanda Hadid has joined the cast, but Adrienne didn’t want to reveal the brand new cast. She would rather that fans tune in to see the show this fall.

“We do spend a lot of time together,” Maloof continued about her cast members. “I enjoy some more than others. I don’t want to go there tonight. But, it’s nice to have them be supportive. That’s what we do is support each other.” It sounds like there are some women that ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Adrienne Maloof doesn’t enjoy spending time with, but she appreciates that they can all leave the drama out when doing events. One has to wonder if she is talking about Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville for all the tabloid stories and legal actions that have been going on between the ladies.

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Heather Dubrow Fires Back at Barack Obama for Dissing Real Housewives

28 Jul

We can tell President Obama hasn’t been keeping up with the Real Housewives because he recently got on the bad side of Orange County’s Heather Dubrow. Clearly, the Bowgate Disaster of Season 7 was not on Obama’s radar, because you don’t want to cross this brunette Housewife!

While addressing the National Urban League Convention on July 25, the President said of America’s youth, “We will give you opportunity but you’ve got to earn your success, competing against young people in Beijing and Bangalore. You know, they’re not hanging out… They’re not playing video games. They’re not watching Real Housewives.”

In response, Heather tweeted, “@BarackObama In light of your recent comments, I’d like to point out that I am on#RHOC AND college educated AND considered a role model.”

Unfortunately, Obama has yet to respond, but we assume he’s offering to buy Heather a new cake and repeating, “Seriously? You’re this mad about a speech? And I have a sugar problem.”

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Kim Richards May Have Relapsed

27 Jul

Concerns are growing over Kim Richards‘ sobriety as friends fear the recently rehabbed reality star has relapsed and is abusing pain pills, is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported,  the Real Housewife star was forced by Bravo executives to undergo treatment for her substance abuse issues last year after her behavior became more and more erratic and worrying. Richards completed a 30-day stint in rehab and was released in January.

However, despite several months of clean and healthy living, the 47-year-old self-confessed alcoholic appears to be slipping back into her bad old ways again.

“Kim has appeared to be totally stoned whenever I’ve seen her recently,” a source close to the former child star tells “Her speech is slurred, her eyes are glassy and she’s incoherent at times.

“She recently had a nose job and was prescribed pain pills to help her through the recovery and she appears to have developed a real liking for them.

“Addiction specialists advise all recovering addicts not to undergo any elective surgeries for at least a year after leaving treatment, for this very reason. A person that has substance abuse issues should not have ready access to strong, addictive medications, it’s just begging for trouble.

“Kim was taking Vicodin for the pain while she recovered from the surgery and Ambien to help her sleep, and judging by her recent behavior, in my opinion, she is still taking them, in some quantity.

“She mentioned recently that she wants to undergo a second nose job as she claims her dog jumped up and hit her in the face. She said she suffered some damage and needs corrective surgery. It just doesn’t ring true to me though and it is really very worrying.”

Shortly after leaving rehab, Kim admitted during a Housewives reunion show that she is an alcoholic. She had previously admitted on an episode of Housewives to taking a myriad of prescription pills, including Lexapro, Trazadone and Topamax.

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Jim Bellino Threatens Legal Action Against Tamra Barney, Says He Doesn’t Want Alexis To Do The Real Housewives of Orange County Anymore

26 Jul

Depending on who you ask, Alexis Bellino is either weighing her decision to return to The Real Housewives of Orange County for Season 8, or about to get axed by Bravo. Either way, her husband, Jim, knows what he wants for his wife, and he’s not afraid to tell the world.

“I don’t. I don’t want her to do it anymore,” Bellino tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “I absolutely do not want her on the show. But Alexis will do what she wants to do. It’s completely her call.”

(Because he doesn’t want to be accused of being “controlling.”)

For Jim, it was difficult to watch everything that his wife went through last season, and he’s not in a hurry for her to go back for more.

“It rips my heart out,” Jim explains. “Bullying and attacking people to the level they went after Alexis is crossing a line. What was their goal at the end of the day? To make her cry? Give her a nervous breakdown?

As her husband, it was awful to watch.”

The absolute worst, for Bellino, occurred after the season wrapped, during the Reunion Special.

“Tamra calling Alexis ‘Jesus Jugs.’ For me, that was the bottom,” he admits. “She offended so many people and she should apologize for it. Think about it: What if she had called someone ‘Jew Jugs’? It’s making fun of someone’s faith and it’s completely unacceptable. I find it offensive and horrible. That, to me, was also crossing a huge line.”

As for what he has to say to the ladies now…

“Be nice. That’s all. Just be nice,” says Bellino. “You know, they’ve all apologized off-camera, but they won’t do it on camera. I don’t know why.”

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Teresa Giudice Calls Caroline Manzo A “Hypocrite” For Meddling In Her Marriage, Says Melissa Gorga Is Obsessed With Fame

26 Jul

You’d think by now I’d be used to everyone on the show talking about me non-stop every single episode, but I’ll admit I was shocked by Caroline’s comment about my marriage. Not because I don’t expect her to say nasty things about me and to constantly judge of me — that’s what she does. To quote Audriana’s favorite movie right now, The Little Mermaid: “It’s what she lives for.” (Caroline does remind me of Ursula, come to think of it…) What shocked me is her hypocrisy.

I don’t usually read the other ladies blogs but my wonderful fans keep sending me pieces to show me how badly the other ladies lie and contradict themselves, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite comments:

On May 6, Caroline wrote in her Bravo blog that me calling MY OWN brother in PRIVATE to talk about his marriage (like we’ve always done our whole lives) was “cruel and thoughtless,” and that talking about anyone’s marriage is a “line that should never be crossed.” Interesting. She should take her own advice. Maybe that she can’t is why she doesn’t have a talk show or write an advice column anymore… What Caroline said about me and Joe I think tells you all you need to know about who she is… (P.S. Read the rest of the Ursula song lyrics though. It’s too funny: “Poor unfortunate souls./In pain, in need./This one longing to be thinner./That one wants to get the girl./And do I help them? Yes, indeed.”)

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Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen to Enter Couples Therapy

26 Jul

Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen are about to enter Couples Therapy. Not for real, of course. For VH1.

Sources confirm to The Huffington Post that these former Real Housewives of New York City stars will soon embark on another reality TV project with that network. Filming is already underway, with crews following Alex and Simon around the streets of The Big Apple.

McCord, Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop all got the axe from Bravo last year, with Alex the first to re-enter the world of television.
She and Simon are expected to dish on their time as cast members during this new series, while also sharing details of their lives post-Housewives. We just REALLY hope we don’t hear any more about Van Kempen climaxing during child birth.

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NeNe Leakes Talks Housewives Future: “I Have 3 Shows”, Tweets About Being “In Love”

25 Jul

NeNe Leakes is a hard-working woman. What started off as a stint on The Real Housewives of Atlanta has become a full-fledged career. The reality star-turned-actress has appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, BET’s The Game and Glee. Now she’s a regular on the new NBC sitcom, The New Normal.

While promoting The New Normal at the summer TCAs, Leakes was asked about tackling the Hollywood scene.

“It’s wonderful to live your dream,” said Leakes. “I’ve always wanted to be an actress. Every year, for New Years I write down all of my goals and dreams and I put them in a Bible.

At the end of the year, I go and pull the paper out and check that off, and check that off! So it feels really good to be able to live your dream. I’m so honored.”

As for her Real Housewives castmates, Leakes believes some, not all, support her career.

“They have all said to me they’re very happy for me. But as I’ve said many times, I felt a few of them — or a couple of them were very happy for me and the others I just think they said it because it was the right thing to say. But I didn’t really feel it.”

Despite her busy schedule, Leakes insists she’ll be back for another round of reality drama. “Well, I’m a series regular on The New Normal and I recur on Glee and I am definitely a housewife for season five. I have three shows. I’m bicoastal and I’m working it out. I’m really blessed right now.”

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