Adriana De Moura Dishes on Season 2 Of Real Housewives of Miami

30 Nov

Basel, we have liftoff. Adriana De Moura is known as a reality star by many. But the Real Housewives of Miami cast member is also a great lover of art.

De Moura will be front and center Wednesday evening, curating a cocktail reception at Miami Art Space in Wynwood. The exhibit, headlined by Brazilian free-form photographer Henrique Souza, will open to the public Thursday through Sunday.

“In my taste he’s a very good emerging artist,’’ says De Moura, who has a gallery in Coral Gables that will soon relocate to the Design District. “He has a very distinctive way of capturing images, a very dreamy, ethereal style, embracing elements of nature.’’

De Moura is gearing up for a season 2 of the Bravo nighttime soap opera (c’mon, that’s what it is). Filming should begin within about six weeks for her, along with PR big Marysol Patton, Venue magazine editor Alexia Echevarria and socialite Lea Black. The cast is now minus two cast members.

“ Larsa [Pippen] and Cristy [Rice]’’ are out,’’ De Moura confirms. “Producers didn’t want this to go in a Basketball Wives direction. We’ll portray Miami the way it should be portrayed.’’

One topic that won’t be covered: Alexia’s son Frankie being involved in a serious accident. The teen is still recovering in an Atlanta facility.

“Hopefully soon she can resume her normal life,’’ DeMoura says of her friend. “We wouldn’t film something so private. The show is superficial, silly, just an escape.’’

As for the identities of the new Miami housewives: no clue.

“It’s so funny, when we aired, everyone said, ‘Oh that show is so bad. I don’t even watch it,’ Adriana says. “But when they were casting, all of a sudden — I’m not going to mention names — but now half of Miami wants to be in it.’’

Part of the problem, she explains, is that Bravo never meant for season 1 to be part of the Real Housewives franchise. It was set as a Miami Social knockoff but got switched up in the editing process.

“That’s why we had shorter episodes and all that foolishness,’’ she says. “Now we’re hoping to beat Beverly Hills!’’

Kim Zolciak and Assistant Sweetie are Done

29 Nov

Remember last season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta when Kim Zolciak yelled “Sweeeeetieeeeee” really loudly in her home, on a tour bus and well, just about anywhere? Turns out, you may not hear that as much anymore, because Sweetie is no longer working for Kim anymore according to a recent tweet.

After a fan reportedly asked Sweetie if she’s no longer worked for Kim, she tweeted back, “yes, it’s true,” indicating that she is no longer offering assistance to Kim Zolciak. She didn’t elaborate on the matter. And Kim didn’t respond to the conversation on Twitter, which opens up for the discussion that something may have happened between the two.

On the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sweetie is still working for Kim Zolciak so either they just decided to end the working relationship behind the cameras or something dramatic happened near the end of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Did Kim’s new husband and baby take Sweetie’s spot in Kim’s life? All Sweetie did was run errands for Kim and entertain her when she needed someone there, but now that Kim is a wife and a new mother, Kim may be doing all of the work herself. Perhaps Kroy’s presence in her life made Kim realize that an assistant may not have been necessary.

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Cindy Barshop Closes Her Business

29 Nov

Forgive me for having some delight when I came upon this news, but the truth is that I never liked this woman:

Cindy Barshop has shaved plans to expand her Completely Bare hair removal spas after being axed from Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York.”

Sources say Barshop spent a fortune launching a series of “pop-up” spa locations to capitalize on her reality TV stardom. But in the last month, two Manhattan locations have closed, as well as a spa in Beverly Hills and one in Atlanta.

Barshop was cut from “Housewives” this season, along with Jill Zarin, Alex McCord and Kelly Bensimon.

“[Cindy] made a lot of financial investments into the salon when she signed on for ‘Housewives,’ ” a source said. “But when she left, she didn’t have the platform.”

But Barshop told us the closed locations were smaller shops she intended to keep open for a year. And the Rock Center address was shuttered because Equinox took over the spot.

“They didn’t close because we’re in financial distress,” she told us, adding she’s planning a 5,000-square-foot, $1.5 million location in Roslyn, LI. And she’s in talks with networks for a new reality series centered around Completely Bare.

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Kyle Richards Talks Situation With Taylor Armstrong and Lisa Vanderpump

29 Nov

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is speaking out about the recent drama on the show involving her costar and friend Taylor Armstrong.

In her latest blog with Bravo, Kyle reveals the situation/confrontation involving Taylor was “very difficult” because no one wanted to put her in harm’s way.

First Kyle reveals her reasons for not defending pal Lisa Vanderpump, though she wouldn’t have needed to defend Lisa had she not been talking smack about Lisa with Taylor to begin with! Kyle wrote: “Although, Lisa wanted me to step in more, we were okay. I honestly did not want to be involved in another argument. I was still recovering from Game Night. The last thing I wanted to do was get in the middle of someone else’s fight.”

Kyle then sort of makes excuses for her comment about Lisa ‘preying on the weak.’ She writes, “In the episode when I had my séance, Taylor came over to my house to say she was upset with Lisa. We had a conversation on my bed where she told me that she was “scared of Lisa” and that she was intimidated by her. I have never felt that way about Lisa, but I am a strong person. I told her she should be stronger with Lisa. I said “maybe she preys on weak people.” I think that “prey” was too strong of a word. That conversation wasn’t about Lisa. I was trying to help Taylor be a stronger person in general, to have her speak up for herself — in all areas of her life. I know it bothered Lisa that I said that, and I do feel bad about that. I am not premeditated in what I am going to say. That means there will be times I regret saying certain things.”

Kyle also touched on Taylor’s confrontation turned intervention: “Later Adrienne, Camille, and I had dinner and discussed the tea party . I know Camille was worried that Taylor was upset with her. Camille spoke the truth. Taylor was obviously concerned because it was put out in the open. However, sometimes people say things in the heat of the moment. Emotions were running high. This situation is very difficult and none of us wanted to hurt her or put her in harm’s way. Later, I told Taylor later that Camille was just saying what Taylor had told all of us.”

In a new interview with Wetpaint, Kyle revealed her sister Kim Richards is still dating and living with her boyfriend, Ken Blumenfeld. When asked about Kim’s relationship, Kyle says disapprovingly, “They are still living together and I haven’t been over there.”

Alexis Bellino Had A Nose Job

29 Nov

Notice anything different?

Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino has changed her appearance, and has confirmed that she went under the knife to achieve her new look — undergoing rhinoplasty.

“Most people don’t even know I had a nose job,” the 34-year-old blonde housewife said. ”They notice something [new] about me. It’s perked up my face,” she told The Orange County Register.

She had the surgery on October 17, and said it was more than just cosmetic – she’d suffered for years with sinus infections but decided that while she was having the operation she’d have the bump fixed that she got when her nose was broken when she was six.

Bellino, who has had breast implants, Botox and lip injections, said she was in tears before the surgery.

“Anything to my face I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take the plunge. I did not want to go under the knife,” she said.

Dr. Michael Niccole of Corona del Mar performed the surgery, and described what she wanted fixed. ”She asked me if I could make the tip a little more defined and also file down her bump.”

So how does it look?

“It’s just perfect,” Dr. Niccole said.

Kim Zolciak Disses Cynthia Bailey! Plus Did Sheree Whitfield Lie About Building Her Home?

28 Nov

Oh these Atlanta ladies! In the latest round of Southern Hostility, Kim Zolciak is flinging every insult she can find at Cynthia Bailey! Girl must really be sipping on the margaritas as of late, because she is having some trouble keeping her comments to herself!

Kim’s, I mean, Kroy Biermann’s, ostentatious (re: tacky) baby shower may have been months ago, but she is still fighting mad at Cynthia and her husband, Peter Thomas for showing up over four-hours late and causing a scene with Phaedra Parks‘ husband, Apollo Nida! Oh, and for failing to give her a shower gift! I mean Kim was only registered for Louis Vuitton changing pad covers and diamond encrusted pacifiers – why is Cynthia so cheap?!

Taking to her Bravo blog, the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star speaks out about Peter’s behavior and blames Cynthia for not keeping her man in check! “The fact that Cynthia and Peter came twenty minutes before it was over, without a gift, and then Peter started some ridiculous fight was more of an insult than not showing up at all… It’s obvious Peter had an ulterior motive walking in there, because he said, ‘I hope we don’t get kicked out.’”

“I’m not mad at Apollo, because he was defending his wife. I would want Kroy to do the same for me,” Kim continues. “But Peter took the whole argument to another level and as a wife, Cynthia should have kept her man in check!”

“But if you haven’t noticed, Cynthia doesn’t speak unless she has permission from NeNe [Leakes] so it came as no surprise that she didn’t say anything to Peter.” Wow! “I certainly will not be inviting Peter or Cynthia to anything else,” Kim “Side Boob” Biermann added.

Kim didn’t stop there; she continued her onslaught through Twitter! “My baby shower was beautiful and then Peter shows up and causes a mess!!” she snapped. “Apollo really did hold his composure as long as he cud! He was defending his wife!”

Then, she called Cynthia boring and boasted about having the hottest hubby! Really, Kim – anyone else remember how “hot” Big Poppa was? “Ughh Cynthia….. Boring snoozefest!! I have the hottest househubby for sure!!!!!! #jealous” Kim commented, referring to last week’s WWHL poll questioning who is the hottest man in the ATL. “Hell yes Apollo and @biermann71 tied for hottest house hubby! No doubt @PhaedraParks and I r lucky!!”

As for Cynthia’s allegation that Kim actually didn’t get a wedding present, Kim claims that’s not true. She retaliated with a tweet slamming Cynthia and calling her a liar! “Cynthia is full of sh*t Kroy & I gave her card w/ cash 4 her wedding! We knew she was having financial problems so we figured she could use the $ instead of purchasing something she didn’t need!” Well, if Cynthia is so “poor” maybe Kim shouldn’t have expected a baby gift from her?

After basically insulting Cynthia on all levels and keeping it classy (cause that’s how Kim rolls), Kim did admit that both Peter and Apollo apologized for their behavior. “Wish ya all got to see everything that happened but that wud b hrs worth!” she explained. “For the record Peter did apologize as did Apollo!! We still had a good time!” Oh, well then were all the rude comments necessary, NeNe? Oh, whoops I meant Kim!

Cynthia, who was a guest on Wendy Williams this Wednesday, did not respond to Kim’s comments but Tweeted: “Never mind who is against you, just focus on who is with u.” On her own Bravo blog, Cynthia praised Kim’s shower and the relationship Kroy has with her daughters. She also reiterated that she was tardy for the party due to work!

Although Cynthia does confront present-gate! “Kim said I did not bring a present. I brought her the exact same present that she brought me to my wedding. Nothing. It took me hours to pick it out, and it was perfect.”

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Lisa Vanderpump Says She “Expected Too Much” From ‘Disloyal’ Kyle Richards, Regrets Defending Her Against Brandi

27 Nov

Last season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, costars Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards appeared to be very close BFFs and were almost inseparable. So when this season came along, many wondered what happened to their bond as Kyle acted differently towards Lisa, badmouthing her to Taylor Armstrong, and even accusing Lisa of “preying on the weak.”

Well it appears Lisa is now pondering what happened to that close friendship she once shared with Kyle as well. In her latest Bravo blog, Lisa finally touches on the Kyle issue and she doesn’t mince her words.

Lisa makes it clear she expected loyalty from Kyle and the others during Taylor’s high school confrontation, but was surprised she didn’t get that, going on to compare Kyle and the others to “rats deserting a sinking ship.” Ouch. Lisa also reveals she regrets defending Kyle when it came to the drama with Brandi Glanville.

Below are excerpts from Lisa blog –

“I expected too much. Even though you give others support, it is still impossible to assume that you will be rewarded with the same. I learned you can’t expect loyalty to be reciprocated. Take heed. It was like rats deserting a sinking ship. I don’t want anybody to “back me.” If you believe I am right, and many had voiced the same doubts as I over the last year, then speak up. Don’t do as I had mistakenly done, in defending Kyle against Brandi when I did not have an accurate picture of what had really transpired.”

Lisa goes on to reveal she was hurt to hear Kyle confirm she had been talking behind her back to Taylor –

“What did I learn from this humiliating experience, where I was insulted so publicly? I learned to pick my battles, and I realized that the person I was dealing with had greater battles of her own. Was my pride hurt? Yes, of course. Hearing Kyle confirm Taylor’s accusations against me regarding my ego was very hurtful. But it was also enlightening, as previously I had no idea what had been said between the two of them.”

Lisa also hints that while she embraced Taylor, she realizes she was likely being manipulated by her –

“I embraced her, confirming, much to Kyle’s surprise, that it was time to start anew and erase all the negative feelings and many unanswered questions and extend a hand of support to somebody who desperately needed it. I really believed at that time, whether or not, I was being manipulated, that her need to have me as a friend superseded all that I felt and would just continue to feed into her insecurities.”

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‘Real Housewives of New York’ Sneak Peek: Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan Face Off

27 Nov

Sources close to the show say the former BFFs will both vie for supremacy this season — and Ramona will be the biggest drama queen!

The Real Housewives of New York City is likely returning in spring, and in addition to the recent layoffs, insiders say the real sparks will be between frenemies Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan!

Ramona and Sonja used to be BFFs, but tensions will drive them apart this season, the New York Daily News reports.

“Everyone was invited [on a recent London trip] but Ramona,” says the source. “[She’s getting] the diva-bitch edit this season” — meaning she will be painted as the enemy, turning her against her friend Sonja.

The upside for Ramona? Producers have allowed her to promote her business as well as her Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio.

“Ramona is still a troublemaker,” the source says. “She delivers drama big time.”

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NeNe Leakes Admits She Chose Fame Over Friendship; Claims She Doesn’t Like Being A Celebrity

26 Nov

Dare I say it, is NeNe Leakes admitting to bad behavior!? NeNe confesses that celebrity (C-List though it may be) isn’t what she expected and that she has unfortunately chosen fame over friendship! Although NeNe believes she had to because her co-stars are jealous of her accomplishments! And regardless of what anyone else thinks, NeNe has big plans to leave Housewives behind for her own talk show!

Speaking to Anderson Cooper, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star explains she had no plans become famous! “I had no idea that being on the ‘Housewives’ show, that we were going to blow [up] the way that we did,” she mused. “If you were with me in a day-to-day situation, I don’t hang out — I’m a real homebody. I don’t like people digging into my personal life,” NeNe claimed. “I don’t see those girls outside of the camera rolling. I don’t hang out with them or anything,” she asserted. Does that mean Cynthia Bailey is only a made-for-TV friend? Based on Peter Thomas‘ latest interview, I’m guessing no!

She also admitted to drunk-dialing the Silver Fox. Put down the Chardonnay, Ms. Leakes, it will only lead to bad things! “So I’m doing a newscast one night, and my phone rings and I look down and I don’t recognize the number, and I don’t answer,” Anderson relayed. “During a commercial break, I check it and it’s NeNe Leakes drunk-dialing me from the back of a limo yelling ‘Don’t be tardy to the party’!” Ok – that’s a pretty fabulous side-effect of fame; having AC’s cell phone and the cajones to drunk dial him!

While NeNe was there to promote her “I’m Very Rich, Bitch” t-shirts and her new wine, Miss Moscato (was her drunk dialing escapade supposed to be an advertisement for the product?) talk was ALLL about the latest RHOA drama. “Celebrity hasn’t gone to my head, but what else can you say? My star is rising, hers is falling,” she snipes about former friend, Sheree Whitfield. “And what do you do? You usually talk about the people that are rising.”

As for her former bestie Kim Zolciak, NeNe reveals they apparently haven’t spoken for “like a year and a half” and although Kim is a “fun girl” as far as rekindling their friendship that’s a “no.” Is anyone else sort of sad that NeNe and Kim are no longer?

In a new interview with Life & Style, NeNe discloses that she definitely chose fame over certain friendships — and she’s ok with that! “It’s very difficult,” NeNe reveals of participating in Housewives. “You can’t trust a lot of people. Your girlfriends all change, and your family is now against you. There’s definitely a cost that comes with fame.”

“I have never experienced so much hate, so much negativity,” she complains of her co-stars reactions to her successes, particularly once she landed a coveted spot on Celebrity Apprentice. “I’ve got a lot of shine and had things happen for me, and they’re definitely jealous.”

Did Brandi Glanville Lie To Get On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?

26 Nov

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are obsessed with the ladies’ conniving ways. So it’s only fitting that Brandi Glanville landed her role on the show by spinning a tall tale, insiders tell Star.

The rumor mill started buzzing back in February, when 39-year-old Brandi was spotted having lunch in Los Angeles with Lisa Vanderpump’s houseguest-turned-archenemy, Cedric Martinez.

“He’s my best gay friend!” Brandi proudly announced to reporters on the scene at the time. “I’ve known him for 16 years. We modeled together in Milan and Paris and London back in the day.”

However, a source close to Brandi confirms that it was all a big fat lie! “Bravo bigwigs set the meeting up to see if Brandi and Cedric would bond and if she could prove a worthy opponent for Lisa,” an insider reveals.

“Brandi came up with the story of their ‘friendship’ over lunch, hoping it would land her on the show.”

Says the source, “It obviously worked! And it really makes you question how much else she’s lied about over the years.”

Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Wolfsmith Is Married, Elopes In Las Vegas!

25 Nov

Real Housewives of Orange County star Briana Wolfsmith has officially become Briana Culberson.

While Briana’s mom Vicki Gunvalson announced her engagement November 3 via Twitter, a source confirms to Reality Tea that Briana, a 24-year-old nurse, has actually eloped and gotten married in Las Vegas!

Briana’s new husband is Ryan Culberson, a military man and a North Carolina native. As of the moment, there is no word yet on how long they’ve dated or known each other. It’s presumably less than a year as Vicki was still trying to set her daughter up on the last season of the RHOC. Our source tells us they met at a bar.

Our source also adds that Ryan, a Marine, has been previously married before and is actually recently divorced — having ended his marriage at the end of 2010.

No word yet on how Vicki feels about her daughter eloping though we will likely find out on the upcoming season of the RHOC — which is currently filming.

Congrats to Briana!

In other OC news, Vicki recently posted some new photos to her facebook page of herself and her costars plus boyfriend Brooks Ayers. Those are below!

Cynthia Bailey’s Husband Peter Thomas Speaks Out Again

25 Nov

Cynthia Bailey’s other half Peter Thomas isn’t known to hold his tongue. Last season when the couple showed up on the The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it didn’t take long for Peter to make an impression. Becoming man and wife hasn’t dimmed the fiery Jamaican’s flame either. Sunday night’s episode, where he clashed with Apollo and had choice words for Sheree at Kim and Kroy’s baby shower, proved that. And, judging by the previews for the next episode, Peter has a lot more fireworks in store.

UPTOWN caught up with Peter, who is a part of the fam, and he dished about his castmates, why UPTOWN Restaurant and Lounge failed, his latest venture bar One, whether any of his kids will be on the show and his love for his wife Cynthia.

On clashing with Apollo:

What people see is what it is. I don’t really know Apollo. Apollo felt like he was defending his wife [regarding] the UPTOWN article that I did . . . the article wasn’t about them. The article was about how I felt about what my wife said and what people were saying about, you know, UPTOWN Restaurant and Lounge and that she gave me money to do it and I wanted to set the record straight by saying yes she made a contribution but I didn’t take her wallet to do it.

The real problem with Sheree:

She talks about everybody f****ed up all the time, especially my wife. She said my wife is spineless. She said my wife has no backbone. She said my wife follows around NeNe like some little puppy. She says a lot of really f****ed up things and my wife is too much of a classy chick to even go in on that so, when they ask me what I think, because me and my wife is one, I’m gone say how I feel. She thinks she’s cute but I don’t think she’s cute. If she thinks she’s cute, then that’s on her. It’s like when I watched [the show Sunday] night and she said ‘well, I know I’m cute’ and my answer was ‘really.’ It didn’t change how I feel. But all of that was at the top of the year. I just saw Sheree recently after the Soul Train Awards. She came through to bar One and maybe she forgave me or I forgave her. We don’t know. Let’s see what happens next.

About NeNe and her mouth:

When I say NeNe is loud, it’s because NeNe got a big ass mouth but I love her. I love her to death. I love her. She’s cool as hell. She’s the realest as far as I’m concerned.

About Kim and her mouth:

When I say Kim is crazy as hell, it’s because her mouth is so reckless. All kinds of s**t come out of her mouth. I don’t think they have ever shot Kim without beeping, without beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep, because she talks crazy. That’s how she talks.

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Ramona Singer Talks Business, Happiness & Housewives! Claims Everything She Does On The Show Is “Real”

24 Nov

Before Ramona Singer was blunt to the point of rudeness, pinot-swilling, combatant on Real Housewives of New York she was first and foremost a business woman.

Speaking to, Ramona discussed starting her first business, balancing career and family and, of course, Housewives. Surprisingly this interview is positive, professional and inspiring! Was Pinot the victim of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers?!

Ramona reveals that she started her first business at age 29 after borrowing $70,000 in startup capital from her father. She was so successful she was able to pay him back – with interest – after one month! Say what? Ramona “Foot In Mouth” Singer?

“I was witness of domestic violence growing up. I would constantly ask my mother, ‘Why are you married? Why don’t you leave Dad?’ Her answer to me was always the same, ‘I had no money, I got pregnant, and I have 4 kids, where am I going? Promise me Ramona, you will always make your own money. Become successful in your own right, so God forbid your marriage goes south, you can walk out the door,’” Ramona shares of her tumultuous upbringing.

“That was my message growing up. I have been on my own since 19 years old, and put myself through college.” Despite her father’s abusive behavior he was a successful executive. “I actually think I got my brains from him,” Ramona says. When she approached him with her idea for her first business he was immediately on board. “I had an idea and was looking for a partner with startup capital. My dad said to me, ‘You don’t need any partners in life. How much money do you need?’”

Now as we all know, Ramona owns several businesses hawking everything from skin care to Pinot! “I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, because I wanted flexibility in my life. I wanted to have it all- motherhood, marriage, career, and owning my own business gave me that flexibility.”

And that’s exactly how she approaches RHONY — as a business opportunity. Oh, really? You don’t say… “As far as the show goes, everything I do on the show is real,” Ramona claims (making me question her behavior even more!). “You can blame editing – yah maybe some highlights are edited, but it’s real, and I’m really me. And that is why I have a strong fan base.”

“I’m not mean spirited. Sometimes I’m unedited, and I do need to filter things, but I am trying to learn to keep my mouth shut a little,” she says laughing. “For me, this season is all about showcasing how you can have it all. I feel very blessed with a great family, and great friends.”

Ramona’s initial motivation for joining Housewives was to promote her business True Faith Jewelry, but the platform allowed her to expand into so many other avenues. And Ramona admits to her, “money is power!” “Money is freedom. I got married at 37 – I didn’t need a man to buy me things or take me on vacations. I married for love and family,” she adds, perhaps taking digs at some of her co-stars past and present for marrying for other reasons.

“You have to constantly reinvent yourself to stay on top,” she advises. And that’s perhaps exactly why she’s so successful on reality TV; she’s able to shift with the tide and follow the drama (which means $$!).

Kyle Richards Reveals Her Holiday Plans: She Won’t Be Going to Kim’s House

24 Nov

With Thanksgiving on our doorstep and Christmas just around the corner, Wetpaint Entertainment was curious about what Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards was up to for the holidays.

Along with being part of one of Hollywood’s highest profile families (her sister is Paris Hilton’s mom, Kathy), Richards has four children and a husband of her own so the holidays are a busy time.

“We take turns (hosting Thanksgiving),” Kyle told Wetpaint Entertainment at Virgin Unite’s Rock the Kasbah event in Hollywood. “Sometimes we go to my house, or Kim’s, sometimes Kathy’s,” she explained.

“We all cook. Kim and I do the turkey, I do the mashed potato. Kathy does her thing.”

When asked if the men of the house chip in, Richard laughed, “The men don’t cook! The only time my husband cooks anything is if it’s barbeque. I think he thinks that it’s manly with all the equipment.”

When it comes to Christmas, Kyle said the sisters have different weather wishes, so they often split up for the big day.

“My sister Kathy always likes to go to Hawaii and be in the sun, I’m more of a mountain and snow person so I like to go skiing,” Richards revealed. “I have Christmas at home and then the next day we take off and to either Aspen or Vail. This year we’re going to Vail because it’s less Hollywood.”

One thing is for sure, Kyle won’t be going over to her sister Kim’s house for the holidays as long as she is living with Ken Blumenfeld.

“They are still living together and I haven’t been over there,” she said, disapprovingly.

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Bethenny Frankel’s Talk Show In Danger: Not Picked Up By Major Networks

23 Nov

Bethenny Frankel has been the subject of constant controversy as of late; it seems every other day she is embroiled in some sort of issue causing a media tail-spin! Needless to say — it’s been quite a year for diet drink maven and wannabe mogul.

Bethenny has made no secret of her desire to leave reality TV behind in the hopes of landing her own talk show. Recent reports stated Mama Frankel had shot a pilot for her own show, but was having trouble hooking a network even going so far as to hire a coach to soften the abrasive, no-nonsense style that made her famous in the reality world.

The Bethenny Ever After star’s dreams of being the next Oprah were apparently closer than we all thought, as The Hollywood Reporter is revealing NBC was jonesing to pick up some new talk show blood and Bethenny made a short list of contenders that included Survior host Jeff Probst and Ricki Lake (formerly of talks show’s pasts, currently of Dancing With The Stars).

The Hollywood Reporter describes that launching a talk show is a precarious situation for a network with all the competition from already established shows, thus they must carefully weigh who will gain the most traction with viewers nationwide. Basically, a show must stay in a holding tank and be demoed across a variety of markets before it is “cleared” in the “three-quarters of the country” needed to garner a launch. Once it gets a “launch” a network will back it and air the show.

“If NBC stations pass on her Warner Bros. Telepictures’ show, the former Real Housewife of New York could find it difficult to get the clearances she needs to launch despite support from Ellen DeGeneres,” THR explains of Bethenny’s predicament.

Well, unfortunately for Bethenny it seems NBC made the decision to go with Jeff’s show instead, while Ricki’s show is headed for the Tribune group of stations that helped launch Anderson Cooper’s now popular talk show. “This shuffle is probably bad news for Frankel who must now struggle to find enough carriage to make a launch likely,” the article alleges. Currently there is no expected launch for Bethenny’s show as she is still waiting to be picked up by major networks.