Teresa Giudice Rejected By “Dancing With The Stars”

31 Jul


In today’s Real Housewives of New Jersey news, it appears Teresa Giudice was rejected by Dancing With The Stars, according to Teresa.

If you recall, Teresa has been angling to get on the show for over a year now. “I am thinking about doing Dancing With the Stars. What do you guys think?” wrote Teresa back in July 2010.

Well fast forward to today and Teresa is singing a different tune when it comes to DWTS, stating the show does not want any ‘Housewives’ on it. When a fan sent her a tweet saying she should be on the show, Teresa responded, “Would [love] to but they don’t want ‘Housewives’ this season. But Playmates are OK?”

The Playmates she is referring to include Kendra Wilkinson from last season and Holly Madison from Season 8.

DWTS has yet to respond to Teresa’s comment. Perhaps the show just doesn’t want Teresa this season or maybe they are really anti-housewives. But surely a ‘Housewife’ would be an upgrade from Rob Kardashian no?

Sneak Preview At ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ Reunion Part 2: Ramona Singer Again Says She Doesn’t Have A Drinking Problem

31 Jul



Never fear, Ramona Singer fans: turtle time is far from over!

In a sneak preview from Monday’s Real Housewives of New York City Reunion: Part 2, the 54-year-old Bravo star denies her costars’ allegations that she has a drinking problem.

“I have been drinking Pinot Grigio since the day the show started, and maybe some people this year have a little problem because this season I have ‘Ramona Pinot Grigio,’ but I embrace all my products,” Singer explains.

As frenemy Jill Zarin, 47, rolls her eyes, host Andy Cohen asks: “What’s the line between using the products and having a problem?”

Singer — like many Housewives before her — blames editing. “They only have a problem because of the way it’s been shown,” she reasons. “I don’t drink any more or less than I have for the past four years, or more than anyone else. We film at parties and social events. I don’t have a problem.”

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion: Part 2 airs Monday at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Taylor And Russell Armstrong Accused Of Investment Scam

30 Jul


“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong and her soon-to-be ex-husband are now co-defendants in a lawsuit accusing them of shady business dealings.

Two weeks after Taylor filed to divorce Russell Armstrong …. they’re both being sued over allegedly misleading investors in a company called NuWay Digital Systems, Inc. (NDS).

Russell — a venture capitalist — was CEO of NDS — which held interest in another company called MyMedicalRecords.com (MMR).

In the lawsuit, MMR claims Russell collected more than a million dollars by selling off NDS shares to investors who were told they were getting a piece of MMR.

The suit claims Taylor and Russell “successfully and secretly” funneled money away from MMR and into their own pockets — allegedly using the money to invest in a schmancy restaurant with Eva Longoria … and to redecorate their mansion.

MMR and the Armstrongs reached a settlement over the whole mess … and the lawsuit claims they have breached that agreement.

MMR wants $1.5 million to make things right.

TimeOut Chicago Interviews Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan

29 Jul


The Real Housewives of New York wrapped up its latest drama-filled season, and if you’re still craving some more RHNY (reruns of the reunions can only give you so much), you’re in luck. Ramona (pictured above) and Sonja were recently in town and invited me to Ramona’s suite at the Peninsula for a quick chat. Of course, she answered the door holding a glass of her Pinot Grigio. She was also wearing a robe and had curlers in her hair. (“I knew you weren’t going to have a photographer, so I figured this would be fine.”) I joined her and Sonja in the bathroom while they got ready for an event and we discussed their products (Ramona’s skin care line (TruRenewal), jewelry (True Faith) and wine; Sonja’s upcoming line of toaster ovens) as well as the drama on the show.

Is there pressure to always have products out?
R No. I just do what comes natural. I think I just follow my passion.

You don’t feel a competition with the other ladies?
S No! Ramona is as natural as they come. When you see Ramona, she’s wearing the most beautiful jewelry and she drinks Pinot Grigio and she has fabulous skin. That’s what she knows and loves.
R And that’s a rule I have for women. You can’t look at the competition. You just look straight ahead.
S And Ramona takes care of those who take care of her. She doesn’t worry about what she doesn’t have. Because if you do that, you’ll never be happy enough. I just want her to be happy, me to be happy, our daughters are happy, her husband is happy, my lovers are happy and the production is happy.

Let’s talk about the on-camera drama.
R How about off-camera drama? Wanna talk about that one?

Is there more drama off-camera?
R Oh, please.
S I don’t like the off-camera drama because it takes away from the show.
R Okay, we won’t talk about that. But there’s some people who like to be in the press, I won’t name names. And to be in the press, they make up lies about other cast mates. And that’s ridiculous.
S You’re a businesswoman. You’re on the show for one reason.
R And to have fun.

But there was that fight in Morocco, right?
R I said, “Jill, I’ve probably enabled you because for years you’ve been saying things behind my back. Let’s try to talk about our friendship.” And basically, I felt that she wasn’t listening to me. And yes, they showed me talking over her, but the discussion was for over an hour. And the part they showed was my talking over her, but I did it because it was getting very vile and I felt it wasn’t positive.

That happened months ago, and then when it airs do you feel like you’re reliving it?
S That’s the one thing I really can’t stand about the show. It’s the most annoying thing. You live through it, and then you have to live through it again. We had this whole scene with Marriage Equality New York…
R Can I just finish this? It’s important. It’s about abuse. Jill said I was fake crying. But I really wasn’t. It was a deep cry, because I went back into my childhood and I would hear and witness my father being verbally abusive to my mother, and that’s how I saw Jill. She was there with such venom toward me, such ill-will, it just brought me right back.
S I think some of my co-stars take the show a little too seriously.

Teresa Giudice’s Daddy Drama

29 Jul


Teresa Giudice has done her fair share of damage since she shot to stardom on The Real Housewives of New Jersey — but none of it compares to the distress she’s inflicted on her father.

Between his daughter’s embarrassing public money woes and her fights with her brother, Joe, Giacinto Gorga, 67, just can’t take it anymore, and the drama is seriously affecting his frail health.

“Her father has had a heart condition for many years now. He’s currently in very bad shape,” a source close to the family tells Star. “The stress of the show the last few years has taken a toll on him.”

The stress on Giacinto is exacerbated with both of his kids on the show this season, which has been a particularly humiliating one for the Gorgas. “Giacinto has been depressed over all the fighting,” the source says.

And to make matters worse, Teresa, who is very close to her parents, seems to be focusing more on her finances than on helping her dad cope with his health issues.

“The family is concerned how much longer he’s going to live because of his condition,” the source adds. “He is so sick. But the talk is that she’ll do anything for money, even when her dad is sick.

Taylor Armstrong Says Her Husband Russell Was Abusive

28 Jul


Weeks after news of her divorce surfaced, Taylor Armstrong reveals her husband, Russell, was physically and emotionally abusive during their 5-year marriage.

In a new interview with People magazine, Taylor openly admits Russell not only grabbed and shoved her, but also pulled her hair and threw things at her. Because Taylor suffered physical abuse as a child and has worked with survivors of domestic violence at shelters for years, we can imagine it must be a traumatizing place to revisit.

“Allowing this to happen in my own relationship was something I felt very ashamed of,” she says, adding that she also filed for divorce for the sake of her 5-year-daughter, Kennedy.

As for Russell, who moved out of the family home in June, he confessed to the mag that he may have pushed Taylor “in the heat of the moment” but denies ever pulling her hair.

It definitely sounds like Taylor did the right thing by ending this troubled marriage.

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All Six ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Plus Brandi Granville Set To Be Back For Season Two

27 Jul

Bravo makes it official:

The glitzy drama of reality show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” will be returning in September will all six original ladies, plus some special guests, cable TV channel Bravo said on Wednesday.

The show, which won a 2011 Critics Choice Award for best reality series, features former child stars and wealthy businesswomen embroiled in designer duds, conflict, and outright hostility.

“In Beverly Hills, luxury has its price,” Bravo said, with the drama ruffling some seriously expensive feathers.

Camille Grammer will be focused on starting her new life after her divorce from “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer, Bravo said.

She and the other five “housewives” will be joined for season two by new “friends:” businesswoman Dana Wilkey and former model Brandi Glanville. Glanville went through a messy divorce from Eddie Cibrian, the “CSI:Miami” actor who left her for country music singer LeAnn Rimes in 2009.

“If you put five girls or six girls in a room together, there’s gonna be drama no matter what,” Glanville said in a trailer released on Wednesday. “There’s so much drama this season, and I’m kind-of in the middle of all of it.”

Joe Giudice Is An A-Hole

27 Jul


The guy is just a creep, the despicable stuff he was saying about Melissa behind her back at that Xmas party just seemed to come out of nowhere. Teresa’s making enough money on her own now, she doesn’t need him. Let him spend some time in prison after his fraud and bankruptcy trials are done, so he can think about what a-hole he’s become.

‘Real Housewives of New York’ Reunion Part 1 Recap: Ramona Won, Hands Down

26 Jul

Wow, gotta admit that made for great TV, any wonder RHONY remains my favorite ‘Housewives’ show. The ‘Blondes vs. The Brunettes’ saga stayed intriguing all season long, but who knew how bitter things would get between the two teams, so much so that I can’t see them making up or anyone swtiching sides anytiem soon. That said, I thought Andy Cohen did a tremendous job under what had to be very trying circumstances–he asked all the right questions and called out the ‘Housewives’ who were clearly being hypocritical. Now granted, I’m definitely with Team Blonde, so call me biased, but here’s what I thought of what went down last night anyway:

1) Alex was clearly ready to do battle, getting in on every turn and interrupting Team Brunette members every chance she could get. But I liked how the brunettes tried to play “Ramonja” against Alex, because they’re not that close to Alex and Alex desperately wants to be down with the rich, blonde girls (Jill was at her best here, making snide little comments referring to Alex and Sonja not really being that close, but she took it to another level getting nasty and calling Alex an “effing bitch” twice). And while Kelly, LuAnn and Cindy did their best to throw some shots at Alex too (and get her to speak only when spoken to) Alex did get in some great zingers, including the line of the night telling Cindy how she “needs to get laid”. However, the problem with Alex still remains her inability to stay calm while making a zinger (practice by watching some tapes of Bethenny when she throws darts) and clearly as long as Simon stays by her side, people will always have a valid reason to not like her (can we please get Alex some friends?).

2) I don’t care what “Cosmo” says, Crazy Kelly remains a nutcase. I loved when Andy smacked her down when she was supposedly trying to play “peacemaker” while Cindy and Sonja went at it. And that B.S. story about being “abused”? I’m not buying it, esp. considering that the woman has been arrested before for beating up a guy. Nor am I buying that Kelly isn’t phased at all by Bethenny’s success. That said, I could go either way on Kelly coming back next season–no one could say she’s not entertaining.

3) Ramona, to me, was hands down the winner tonight. She took on the Brunettes with gutso, zeal and plenty of barbs that tore into the hearts of each of them–and she managed to stay calm throughout. Did she go too far talking about LuAnn’s kids? Of course. But LuAnn went there first about Ramona’s marriage while they were all in Morocco and we all know by now that when it comes to talking about Ramona’s family she doesn’t play. Ramona also got in some great shots at Cindy and Jill and for the most part put Kelly on ignore where she belongs.

4) Cindy is a bitch. I don’t like her at all. She just refused to acknowledge that what she did at Sonja’s house, taking that meeting in the kitchen, was flat-out wrong. I don’t even have a problem with Cindy picking up her phone or having the stupid meeting, it’s just simple etiquette to excuse yourself and ask if you can use another room. Then too, the woman clearly has anger issues–the way she shouts people down and talks down to them is just revolting. And as I’ve said from the beginning there’s this air to her that makes you feel she really thinks she’s better than “those people” (i.e. the Housewives)–please Bravo, just be done with her.

5) I just feel bad for Sonja and was surprised when she broke down about how much her marriage meant to her (tho I can’t help but think that what she really misses is the lifestyle). Loved how she took down Kelly for talking about her house like that.

6) LuAnn did well for the most part, but she is in clear denial about how rude and unclassy she can be towards people. I liked how she even called out Cindy for taking the conference call in the kitchen at Sonja’s. LuAnn may deny it too, but she also “found her voice” this year, esp, when it comes to reunion shows.

7) Compared to last season’s reunion Jill had an easy time of it. Her current feud with Ramona doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon, but somehow they always find a way to be friends again. That said I can’t wait for Part 2.

Bethenny Frankel to Launch Skinnygirl Skin Care

26 Jul

I refuse to believe that this stuff doesn’t bother Crazy Kelly:

Real Housewives of New York’s breakout reality star Bethenny Frankel will be expanding her extremely successful Skinnygirl margarita drinks with a Skinnygirl skin care line. Bethenny Frankel is launching Skinnygirl Face & Body Solutions and Skinnygirl Mommy at select Wal-mart stores in November just in time for the holidays.

With her characteristic take-no-prisoners attitude, Frankel is taking the skin care industry to task. According to Hollywood Life, she declared “I don’t make false promises….I don’t want people to think in three days they’ll have no cellulite. That’s not going to happen.” Frankel has also managed to keep the pricing of her skin care line affordable, with all 30 of the products ranging in price under $15, stating that “$150 eye cream is ridiculous and absurd.” Her Skinnygirl skin care product line will include everything from lip glosses to face masks to fragrances that smell like her signature Skinnygirl Margarita and Sangria.

Her straight talking and no-nonsense approach has earned Bethenny more fans than any other reality star who have tried to translate their 15 minutes of fame into lucrative business ventures. The savvy entrepreneur that she is, Bethenny tapped into the low-calorie specialty alcohol drink market which resulted in the sale of the Skinnygirl margarita and sangria to a distributor for a record-breaking $120 million. She has continued to expand her Skinnygirl brand with cookbooks, shapewear, lingerie, and self-help books.

Frankel managed to leave her starring role in Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York, and become the star of her own hit spinoff show Bethenny Ever After, which chronicles her juggling of her new husband, new baby, and her career. While Perez Hilton reports that Bethenny is over the reality show business, she does have her eyes set on another television genre that has a gaping hole now that Oprah has left. Bethenny wants her own talk show, and if her past successes are any indicator, her golden touch will surely make this show a hit also.

Catching Up With Lisa Wu Hartwell

25 Jul



Some folks with short memories may already be saying “Lisa Who?”

But Lisa Wu Hartwell, who quit “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” after season two, is moving on, pursuing a genuine acting career.

Reality TV got her name out there, but she felt she had to walk away from the shenanigans season three so directors and producers of scripted programs would take her more seriously.

Hartwell just finished a month-long shoot in Philadelphia on a murder/mystery film with actor/writer/director Charles Dutton called “Must Be the Music.”

She is starring in an upcoming play at Ferst Center on the Georgia Tech campus called “Stripped.” It debuts July 27 and runs through July 31. She plays the wife of a former NFL player struggling with life after the big time. She also happens to be married to Ed Hartwell, an ex-NFLer himself who makes a cameo appearance via video.

Hartwell works opposite Dorsey Levens, another former NFL player who played professionally from 1994 to 2006. Levens, a Georgia Tech graduate, produced the play.

During rehearsals last Saturday at Whole World Theatre, Hartwell showed off her “angry side,” a resentful wife of the fictional Jayden Dorsey. They argue a lot.

Hartwell always seemed to have her head on her shoulders on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” save for a moment where she threatened to flip Kim Zolciak over a couch for allegedly spreading lies about her and her children during a season one reunion show. (Hartwell was once married to R&B Keith Sweat, who never showed up on camera on the show.)

Michaele And Tareq Salahi Sued AGAIN For Alleged Wine Tour Fraud

23 Jul


White House gate crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi are being sued again for allegedly stiffing another person out of the money paid for a wine tour by the company they own RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Kerri Chik filed a lawsuit on July 22 against Tareq Salahi and VA Wine Tourism Inc (VA Wine Tours) in Arlington County, Virginia General District Court for a “warrant in debt,” according to the Virginia Case Courts Information website.

A hearing is set for September 9 in the case.

Kerri Chik paid $655.00 for a wine tour with Virginia Wine Tour via check on February 24, 2011 and the check was cashed on March 3, according to www.AskMissA.com.

After being told the company limo was being repaired and then ultimately canceling her tour, Chik was told that she would receive a full refund but never received the money. She tried multiple times to reach the company, via phone and email but never received a response.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, the Salahi’s were sued by Emily McCallum for $1,235 after they failed to take her and nineteen of her friends on a wine tour to celebrate her graduation.

The Miami Herald Interviews Alexis Bellino

23 Jul


Being on a reality show has its ups and downs. Just ask Alexis Bellino, one of The Real Housewives of Orange County, who’s been with the show since Season 3. She has had her share of friends and enemies over the course of her three seasons (it is unclear whether Bravo wants a seventh go-around).

That’s OK with Bellino, who has a lot of things going on. She is currently in town doing the rounds to show off her Alexis Couture fashion line, appearing both on South Florida Today and Deco Drive on Friday.

The trip mixes business and pleasure. Bellino will be bringing her husband, Jim, to celebrate his birthday at such hotspots as The Forge, Meat Market, and Wall at the W.

“I definitely want to branch out,’’ says the mother of three, 34. “I have a few passions and a few things that are kind of coming to me. I have to see how it pans out.’’

Beside fashion, Bellino would like to get into pageant-hosting full-time: “I’m ready for it. I mean, I’m mentally prepared.’’

But she realizes every move she makes is going to be scrutinized. Viewers saw how she and her family went through real-estate and financial problems and dubbed her the “Jesus Barbie,’’ because of her strong faith.

“It’s definitely stressful being on [ Housewives],’’ she admits. “You go through your life in front of the entire nation. If you have one bad episode, everyone’s mad at you.’’

Most of her criticism is Web-related.

“There is a lot of bad blogging out there,’’ she says, adding: “Every person who comes up to me in public is very positive and super kind.

“My rule is: I stay off the Internet, I don’t Google myself. I don’t read what other people have to say about me.’’

Being on the show has toughened her up.

“I used to be sick to my stomach all night long, just devastated,’’ she says. “But now I have a tougher skin. It takes a lot to upset me now. My family is happy, and that’s all that matters.’’