Friends Saw Camille And Kelsey Grammer Behaving Badly In Marriage

30 Dec

Well this could put a different twist on things:

Kelsey Grammer may be paying soon-to-be-ex-wife Camille a cool $50 million for a “quickie” divorce — so he can immediately marry fiancee Kayte Walsh — but friends of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star are concerned she may be “poisoning” the couple’s young children against Grammer.

Their daughter Mason Olivia, 9, and son Jude Gordon, 6, both were born via a surrogate.

While many in Hollywood — including some of the actor’s old “Frasier” team — think he treated Camille badly as he fumbled his way out of their marriage, a longtime Camille chum admits, “there were good reasons why Kelsey left Camille — long before he physically moved out.”

Another person close to the Grammers claims, “Camille was a pretty cold fish and often nasty to Kelsey,” going back at least two years.

“On top of that, Camille appeared to be clueless about their relationship. She thought Kelsey was totally dependent on her and never dreamed he would leave her, especially for someone like Kayte.

“She was always nervous about actresses and Hollywood celebrities that Kelsey innocently flirted with — not realizing it would be a non-celebrity who would win his heart. … In a way, it makes sense that someone who would idolize him and be impressed by his stardom would win him.”

Taylor Armstrong: Camille Grammer Is “Nowhere Near Ready To Date”

30 Dec

Don’t expect Camille Grammer‘s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars to help her find love again once her divorce from Kelsey Grammer is finalized.

“As far as setting Camille up, I’m going to have to let her be the guide on that one. I know she’s nowhere near ready to date,” fellow cast member Taylor Armstrong told during a visit to our NYC offices Dec. 9. “But when she’s ready to date, we’re all here!”

Zap2It Interviews Cynthia Bailey

30 Dec

She refers to herself as “Cynthia Bailey, supermodel,” which could turn off some people, but she’s telling the truth. Bailey has graced magazine covers and is exquisite.

Bailey is also calm, which has a leavening effect on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Slender at 5 feet 10 inches, she wears clothes beautifully.

“I describe my style as I am not the label girl,” Bailey says. “I don’t have the next Prada, the next Gucci. Being in the industry for so long, I get it. I would never be in one thing head to toe.”

“My own personal style is a mixture,” she says. “I love vintage. I love nothing better than a Chanel sweater with H&M jeans and a pair of Converse and a Prada bag and call it a day.”

Though Bailey used to enjoy shopping, the hunt doesn’t thrill her anymore. For department stores, she likes Barneys and Neiman Marcus.

For vintage clothes, she checks out Salvation Army stores. And she has done some online shopping, such as a recent pair of Uggs for her 10-year-old daughter. Bailey also goes to Target to shop.

“I don’t have a lot of patience like I used to,” she says.

Kandi Burruss Goes On The Road

30 Dec

Kandi Burruss left the music group Xscape to pen hits for many artists, winning a Grammy and multiple awards along the way. Following the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo Television, she now drops an album called Kandi Koated. Windy City Times met her at the club to find out why she is so sweet.

Windy City Times: Hi, Kandi. What a fun party and I am not tardy!

Kandi Burruss: I like your candy necklace.

WCT: Thanks. Is it weird for you to watch the Xscape videos like they have on the televisions behind us at this place?

Kandi Burruss: Yeah, it caught me off guard when I first walked in. I was like, “Whoa!” It threw me off. I didn’t know they were going to be playing videos from the first album.

WCT: That’s wild.

Kandi Burruss: I always tell people that I was growing up when we first came out so when I see pictures and videos to me that’s like looking at a high school yearbook. If everyone saw your high school picture how would you feel?

WCT: Embarrassed. I was a nerd in high school! You have been such a big songwriter for so long, writing such hits as “No Scrubs” for TLC, several for Destiny’s Child and “There You Go” for Pink.

Kandi Burruss: I did. I wrote songs for other people for so many years.

WCT: How does it feel to do your own thing now?

Kandi Burruss: It feels good. For a while I thought I wasn’t going to get that opportunity again. So it is really a blessing to be back doing my thing. I see so many artists come and go. So I know it’s not just a given that you get to do that. It doesn’t just happen like that. I am really happy and blessed to be able to come back again after all this time.

Allison Dubois Blames “Reckless Editing” For Psycho Attack On Kyle Richards

29 Dec

It’s always the easiest copout when you took bad on TV. Guess it was the editor’s idea to put that electronic cigarette in her hand too:

Allison Dubois, a psychic medium who recently appeared on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has made quite a splash in the media. The BFF of Camille Grammer, she inspired the popular TV show Medium, starring Patricia Arquette . Once famous for talking to the dead, Allison Dubois is even more well known now for her psychic appearance at the Real Housewives dinner party from hell. In the shocking episode, Allison dukes it out with Kyle Richards in the ultimate battle of the egos.

In the spirit of holiday season, Astrochicks decided to watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon on Bravo. I had to start with our favorite episode first, where Camille Grammer’s innocent dinner party morfed into a WWE match between Kyle Richards and Allison Dubois. Bravo producers must have pissed their pants, this is true ratings gold. Who knew a psychic medium could be so bitchy? Granted all the Real Housewives had LOTS of cocktails, Allison Dubois let the f bombs fly, and her doom and gloom predictions for poor Kyle Richards. Oh my.

For our celebrity psychic friends Barb Powell and Jusstine Kenzer, they were both mortifed after watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode. Jusstine recently posted on her Facebook ,” Train wreck television. Unbelievable this Alison woman, she might as well replace Miss Cleo, and we could just call her Miss Ego.” You can read more about Jusstine here.

For Barb Powell, who’s a regular contributor to Astrochicks wrote an open letter to Allison Dubois.For Astrochicks, we are absolutely fascinated by this woman, we may have to check out one of her events to see what party tricks she does. Born under the astrology star sign of Aquarius, Allison is one unique soul. Maybe she will even smoke the electric cigarette again. She would be perfect for a James Bond movie. Crazy stuff, maybe she was channeling an evil spirit

For Allison Dubois, she posted the following statement on her official website: “I aired in an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that was to say the least, in my opinion, recklessly edited and was not representative of what actually happened that night nor who I am. I was there only as support for my friend Camille who had told me how painful her interaction with the other housewives was and it was making her physically ill. I’m very protective of my friends/family and was there to support my friend.” I guess it’s safe to say cocktails and reality TV don’t mix. Sorry Kyle, no apology for you either. Happy holidays!

Bethenny Frankel’s New Show To Be Titled “Bethenny Ever After”

29 Dec

Well now that she finally has a ring on her finger you know they had to change the name:

Bethenny Frankel is getting ready to share a new part of her life with the fans. The television star has been recovering from the ‘Skating with the Stars’ show while hyping up her next series, ‘Bethenny Ever After’. The series, set to air in February has fans ready to see where Frankel’s life goes after getting married and having a baby.

The reality television star took to Twitter today to talk about the upcoming new series and she had the fans delighted to hear new episodes were coming. Here’s the message she wrote on her Twitter stream for all her fans.

‘It’s coming back on soon! Now it’s “Bethenny Ever After.”’

The beloved star won’t be coming back to the Real Housewives of New York and she has already been replaced. However, having your own show, like Bethenny does, isn’t shabby and the fans love it. Bringing the cameras into her life to focus on is far more entertaining than bouncing around from woman to woman in the other show or so this fan thinks.

Bethenny Ever After will start in February. Keep an eye on Frankel’s Twitter account if you want the dish on what is going to be one of the best new television reality series in 2011.

Camille Grammer To Get $50 Million In Divorce

29 Dec

You just know the Camille-haters out there aren’t going to like this news, but hey it’s not her fault Kelsey left, I think:

Kelsey and Camille Grammer will divide up a 9-figure pot of gold, and Camille will walk away with more than $50 million … sources connected with the divorce tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, the couple never signed a prenup, which means all earnings during the marriage are divided 50/50.

We’re told during their 13 years of marriage, the couple amassed a fortune in excess of $100,000,000. Much of it was invested in real estate. They have homes in the Holmby Hills area of L.A., Malibu, Hawaii, the Hamptons, New York City and Colorado.

Our sources say when they married Kelsey was strapped for cash, but turns out Camille is savvy in the business department and taught Kelsey a thing or two along the way. One person familiar with their finances says, “They made a lot of smart decisions. They were really a good team.”

Sources say the couple is working out a financial settlement, made complicated by the fact that some of the properties — like Hawaii — are in the toilet because of the economy.

We’re told no real “Cheers” money is coming in, but “Frasier” is still a cash register and Camille gets a cut.

Gretchen Rossi May Be Forced To Pay $40,000 In Attorney Fees To Ex

28 Dec

Another Real Housewife may be facing financial woes this holiday season and it isn’t from buying holiday gifts.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi may be forced to pay ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou a whopping $40,000 in attorney fees as a result of an anti-SLAPP motion filed by Photoglou in relation to a defamation lawsuit she filed against him.

Photoglou is also suing Rossi for libel, slander and five other counts. The lawsuit was originally filed in Los Angeles but for procedural reasons, was re-filed in Orange County.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Gregory Munoz tentatively ruled on Wednesday that Photoglou be awarded fees and costs of $40,799.38. An official ruling will be finalized Thursday.

This could mean more bad news for the platinum blonde reality star who faced another legal blow two months ago when the same judge threw out the crux of her defamation lawsuit against Photoglou, including claims of defamation, slander and portrayal in a false light.

Kelsey Grammer Wants Quickie Divorce To Remarry

27 Dec

It’s the same scenario all the time: when mistresses marry the wife cheater, why don’t they think the same thing can’t happen to them? Of course, knowing Camille’s ego she’s gotta be bugging out too at how plain jane this Kayte chick is:

Kelsey Grammer has asked a judge to put a rush order on his divorce from Camille Grammer, so he can marry his girlfriend … TMZ has learned.

Kelsey is asking the divorce judge to grant the divorce decree asap, and leave all of the money

Under California law, a divorce can become final 6 months after a petition is filed.  Camille filed on July 1, 2010 … so if the judge grants Kelsey’s request for bifurcation, he can marry Kayte Walsh Saturday, January 1.  Kelsey and Kayte have been engaged for several months.

There were reports Kelsey was trying to keep Camille from grabbing his pension benefits — but in fact the pension papers are merely a formality which is required when someone files to bifurcate.

UPDATE:  A friend of Camille’s tells TMZ, Camille “is not surprised but continues to be disappointed at Kelsey’s immature and disrespectful behavior.” issues for later.  In legalese, it’s called “bifurcation.”

Bethenny Frankel: Why I Deserved to Make ‘Skating’ Finale

27 Dec

Bethenny Frankel landed in second place on Tuesday night’s finale of Skating with the Stars (actress Rebecca Budig was crowned the inaugural winner on the ABC hit) — but she still won a battle against sharp-tongued judge Johnny Weir.

On the Dec. 13 episode of the show, Olympian Weir shredded Frankel’s performance on the ice, sniping: “I don’t care to watch you perform anymore.”

Frankel, 40, recently defended herself to “I thought the word judge meant being impartial — and not biased,” the new mom says. “I perform for the fans. I don’t need the judges’ approval!”

I enjoy [wearing] the skates,” she told Us of her experience on the show. “I’m doing the best I can, I want to be good every single time…I’ve gone balls to the wall!”

Still it’s been a challenge balancing training (2 hours a day!), shooting her Bravo series Bethenny Ever After and caring for daughter Bryn, 7 months. “I’ve taken on too much, but I’m doing the best I can!”

Camille Grammer Declares ‘I Still Love Kelsey’

27 Dec

Like many going through a divorce, it is not unusual for one partner to still be in love with their soon-to-be ex.

And that appears to be the case for Camille Grammer.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has revealed that she is still in love with her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer.

‘We’ve been together for 14 years, I thought we had a really good run of it. I still love my husband, my soon to be ex-husband,’ she said on Extra TV.

The blonde reality star says it’s especially hard for her now that Kelsey has moved on by getting engaged to his new girlfriend, British air hostess, Kayte Walsh.

‘He’s in love, he’s getting married, so I don’t think there’s any reconciliation.

Lisa Vanderpump – ‘Give Me Back My Handbags!’

26 Dec

Lisa Vanderpump was robbed of four designer handbags while staying at the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC last month, she tells exclusively.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is furious about the situation and is demanding hotel management “give me back my handbags.”

“I had four purses valued at just over $8,000 including two Christian Louboutins, one Louis Vuitton and one Channel. Those were my signature bags. Boy do I feel violated,” Lisa tells us.

Lisa, known as “Pinky” to close friends, was staying at the hotel while filming scenes for RHOBH. The reality star says she complained to management but feels she is getting the run around.

“They told me I should have put my purses in the room’s safe,” she tell us. “Come on, the safe wasn’t big enough to fit a wallet inside. The room is suppose to be safe. Do they expect me to stick Jiggy (her dog) in the safe too?”

Lisa’s husband Ken Todd, who was with Lisa in NYC, took control of the situation and went to the hotel’s management.

“They told me to contact their insurance department and I did,” Ken says. “The guys over there were complete morons. They told us they will not replace Lisa’s bags. I am so annoyed at this hotel and the way they treated us.”

Lisa Vanderpump In Bloody Beverly Hills Attack

24 Dec

Lisa Vanderpump, one of the stars of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” was involved in a real brutal confrontation at the famous Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel early this AM. … TMZ has learned.

Lisa tells TMZ … she was sitting in a booth with her husband Ken and L.A. news reporter Robert Kovacik … along with two elderly people, when a man at a nearby table began harassing them with verbal taunts.

Lisa says the man was “extremely drunk” and was shouting, “I’ve seen the show. You’re wearing a lot more make-up now, and your eyes are darker and smokier.” Lisa says then it got personal, as he hollered, “What are you doing sitting with old people?”

Lisa says the man then walked over to her booth and continued his rant. That’s when Robert, a long-time reporter with the L.A. NBC affiliate, stood up and said, “Please stop.” Lisa says the man then cold-cocked Robert, punching him squarely in the mouth … and shoved Lisa’s husband to the ground.

Lisa says Robert was hurt, bleeding badly, but they had to wait because the hotel called the cops. When Beverly Hills police arrived, Robert said he did not want to press charges. Lisa took Robert to a family friend’s home — a doctor — who cleaned him up. We’re told thje doc was none other than Beverly Hills surgeon Paul Nassif … married to Lisa’s “Real Housewives” co-star Adrienne Maloof.

We’re told Robert is going back to Dr. Paul later today to get his lip stitched up.

The attacker was not arrested. It’s unclear if Robert will press charges.

Lisa tells us, “I hope Robert presses charges. The man was outrageous.”

Beverly Hills — it’s dangerous out there!

UPDATE: ‘Real Housewife’ Victim Files Criminal Charges