Danielle Staub Tries To Score Free Photo For New Book

27 Aug


Someone needs to tell Danielle Staub that nothing in life is free – even if you are a TV star.

The “Real Housewife of New Jersey” has been trying to convince photographers to shoot the cover of her forthcoming memoir on the house; the tome will be published in the spring by Simon Spotlight Entertainment.

“Danielle is trying to talk photographers into snapping her picture for free, claiming the book is going to be a big hit and that people will start clamoring to give them work,” says a publishing insider. “It’s so embarrassing and tacky!”

A rep for Staub declined to comment.

No way Danielle Staub returns for another season of “Housewives”. She’s too one-dimensional and the other ladies all hate her….with good reason.

Lynne Curtin Is The Latest Housewife To Get Evicted!

18 Aug

Damn, “Real Housewives” and “foreclosure” seem to be getting more and more synonymous these days:

TMZ has learned Lynne Curtin from “Real Housewives of Orange County” could be evicted from her home — if she doesn’t come up with more than $12,000 in the next three days. Just minutes ago, Curtin and her husband received a 3-day eviction notice from the owner of the Laguna Beach house

where they live. Yes — they’re renters. According to the notice, the couple owes the home owner a $10,000 security deposit, $600 late fee and $1,763 in other expenses. The homeowner also claims the Curtins have been delinquent on their utilities — which have now been shut off. And it gets worse — the Curtin’s real estate agent

claims the reality star and her husband never forked over $2,500 in commission for getting them into the house back in June. The best part — Bravo cameras happened to be rolling when the eviction notice was served … wonder if they’ll exploit that storyline on the show?

You just know those spoiled, stuck-up daughters of Lynne’s aren’t taking this bit of news lightly.

Bethenny Frankel Disses Gwyneth Paltrow!

12 Aug


Gwyneth Paltrow keeps cool in a pair of denim cut-offs (with pockets showing!) on Tuesday, August 11, in The Hamptons, NY.

The 36-year-old actress has been posting videos of herself cooking on her website Goop.com but Bethenny Frankel finds it pretty unappetizing.

“The idea of Gwyneth being the next Julia Child is unthinkable and probably unwatchable,” says the 38-year-old Real Housewives of NY star. “I once watched her show [Spain…on the Road Again] with chef Mario Batali. It was like watching delicious paint dry.”

Adds Bethenny, “I’m just not feeling her as the next Rachael Ray, who’s fun and goofy and a wing-it kind of girl. Wasn’t Gwyneth macrobiotic, then vegan, then into juice fasting? You need to be willing to dive in and taste it all and not always be on some cleansing fad diet… Who can afford holistic doctors, meals at Babbo, cupping sessions and healers? If I buy my food at Costco and get my hair done for 30 bucks, what’s the average viewer able to afford?”

Lisa Wu-Hartwell Loses Home To Foreclosure

11 Aug


Lisa Wu-Hartwell needs a “Big Poppa” of her own … the real housewife of Atlanta just lost her real big house in Atlanta.

TMZ has learned Hartwell and her husband, former Oakland Raiders linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, were booted from their multi-million dollar Georgia mansion last week — after the couple defaulted on their loan and the bank sold it shortly after.

Hartwell’s rep tells us the couple was in talks with the lender to restructure the loan because the home had lost value — but that failed. They originally bought the place for $2.9 mil back in 2007 — but the bank only got $1.9 mil when they resold it this month.

The rep says “Ed and Lisa are fine. They have settled in their [new] home, that sits on 10 acres and they OWN it!”

Damn, this is rough. Seems like the Hartwell’s were trying to have another baby too. If that hasn’t already happened, guess they could be having second thoughts now.

Bethenny Frankel Will Return To “Real Housewives of New York City”

5 Aug


While it seemed like things were finally taking off for Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel, the Skinny Girl entrepreneur is right back where she started.

After the announcement that she would have her own reality show, Skinny and the City, and then subsequent slap-on-the-wrist lawsuit for copyright infringement, Frankel had at least one good thing going for her–her engagement to Jason Hoppy. Oh wait, that wasn’t true either? Okay, scratch that. Well at least Real Housewives will take you back.

Frankel has officially announced that she will be returning for the 3rd season of Bravo’s hit reality show, The Real Housewives of New York.

“I’m definitely going to do the Housewives this season,” Frankel told People over the weekend. “It’s been great… I love it. I understand we start filming [season 3] in September.”

As for her engagement to Hoppy, Frankel said: “You don’t see any ring.” Well, okay then.

Frankel’s new brand of ‘Skinny Girl Margaritas’ are on shelves now. The drinks that were made famous on the show are known for their health appeal.

“The drink has 96 calories per serving, so it’s less calories than wine,” she said. “The tequila already comes in the bottle and it costs $12.99. It’s being sold in restaurants as well as liquor stores.”

The skinny chef and alcohol connoisseur also has a book in stores, titled Naturally Thin.

Good. While she did get on my nerves a little bit towards the end of last season, no way is RHNYC the same without Bethenny.