Danielle Staub: Former Stripper And Coke Fiend?!?

30 May


IF you thought the women on the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” were as hardcore as can be, you may soon be in for a bigger surprise.

In the weeks ahead, the show is apparently going to expose some blockbuster revelations about one of the cast members, Danielle Staub.

Staub has hinted on the show that she has some secrets. And now they seem to have been revealed in a out-of-print book about the life of a petty criminal and police informant.

The show’s producers have not yet said what those revelations are. But the book, “Cop Without a Badge” contains some radioactive information.

It tells the story of ex-con and government informer Kevin Maher and his gal pal, Beverly Merrill — who, in a mug shot in the book, bears a striking resemblance to Staub. According to the book, Merrill is described as a man-hungry hellion, who is busted with her boyfriend and winds up as a stripper.

Merrill becomes tangled up with Maher after her former boyfriend kidnaps a kid in a drug deal gone bad. Maher arranges a deal for Merrill, five years probation in exchange for pleading guilty to extortion, according to the book.

Merrill later marries Maher, but it doesn’t last.

Afterward, according to the book, she changes her name to Danielle and takes a job as a stripper at the Satin Dolls club, the North Jersey club that subbed for The Bada Bing in “The Sopranos,” A search by The Post indicated that a Beverly Merrill is connected to Staub though public records.

So far, 3 episodes in, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” has revolved around Staub and this stuff will only add to the drama. “Beverly Merrill” is definitely Danielle and it looks like she’s had a lot of work done on her face. But with a sordid past like that, who can blame her for the complete identity change? Danielle’s dropping hints that Dina knows what’s up, but I guess we’ll all have to just wait and see.

Kelly Bensimon Interview With Obsessed TV’s Samantha Ettus

30 May


Kelly Bensimon talks about being “infamous”, her Real Housewives co-stars and says that she’ll “absolutely” be back for another season. Great. As confused, disoriented and shallow as Kelly is, her addition to the show was a good choice by Bravo. Kelly added drama to the show and her feud with Bethenny will go down in infamy–and it showed us all that Ms. Frankel isn’t as cute innocent as the media likes to portray her. Plus Kelly’s hair needs its own show anyway.